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New Server Operating at Maximum Performance
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Default New Server Operating at Maximum Performance

Since we have switched to the new hardware we have been watching the server like a hawk and testing every potential bottleneck. During the first 24 hours of being live we had noticed some lag spikes caused by the server which were determined to be caused by unnecessary file indexing and background services. Since the modifications to those processes we have had 24 hours straight without a single lag spike or hiccup.

In addition to providing extra redundancy in case of harddrive failure the new hardware also allows for better log access without causing game interruptions. Previously when checking large log files manually we could run the potential of causing a lag spike due to disk I/O being queued, however, the new RAID settings provide redundant access to memory which will prevent the vast majority of log checks from causing any gameplay issues like before.

We thank you again for your patience during this server migration and hope you enjoy the 10% experience bonus for the rest of November.
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