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PayPal Delays and New Reimbursement Policy
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Default PayPal Delays and New Reimbursement Policy

Starting last night and through some of today uers who made orders on PayPal may have experienced delays obtaining their orders. For information on what caused the delays internally for PayPal you can go
Live Site Status - PayPal Developer Community

Although we cannot prevent PayPal from occasionally having these problems we can help make the experience less annoying. Whenever an order is delayed for more than 5 minutes you can contact orders@nodiatis.com We will investigate the order to reassure you that the delay has been caused by a PayPal delay and not an error. If your order takes over an hour to be recieved you can e-mail the same address requesting a free time card. If the order takes over 24 hours to be processed you will receive time cards equivalent to the value of the order (DOUBLE CREDIT) and your order will be processed manually.

We value your orders and want you to always enjoy playing Nodiatis!

NOTE: You must e-mail us to obtain these credits, please ensure you have waited 1 hour or 24 hours before requesting order credit.
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