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For years now the thoughtless inhabitants of Nodiatis have been sacrificing trophies of carnage to mysterious altars in return for miniscule personal gains. Little did they know, that which is sacrificed to unspecified deities is received by those who would do unspeakable deeds to acquire it. Without naming prophets of light the inhabitants of Nodiatis have been feeding the darkness and its power has reached a new level.

In the depths of nether, powerful forces have created the Runes of Descension, a collection of stones with incredibly devious enchantments that give the bearers great power. The powers that be are disseminating these runes amidst the evil creatures of Nodiatis in hopes of forever eradicating what is left of the humans and their allies. Creatures that were once easily dispatched will now have far greater powers due to the ineptitude of the masses.

The only hope for mankind is that he somehow muster the strength to slay these more powerful creatures and harness the power of the runes for himself. But if all continue to sacrifice trophies to godless altars without ritual or prayer then the land of Nodiatis is surely doomed.