It may be the case that both TC buyers and sellers don't like having Goblins involved in their business. We're going to test removing goblins from TC and expander trades. Let us know if you think it is better or worse.


The new client v4.605 reduces the starting opacity of class ability effects if you have turned off damage flashes to help reduce eye fatigue.


Behold the new LG.

The Quiver of Great Weight is unchanged, but its description has been updated to be a lot easier to understand.


Dark and dubious clouds are forming, promising the coming of death and destruction within the next 48 hours. Be here when new horrific powers will be unleashed.


Four days ago, at Glitchless Headquarters, a ladybug was seen depositing some eggs on a coffee mug.

These eggs have now hatched. Bear witness to the horror of the larva that was produced.

Take from this what you will, but some are whispering that it means a specific player has been dabbling in dark arts and is now expected to win this arena season...


A new 1v1 Arena Season has just begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season. Arena Rush is scheduled for 06:00 server time on Saturday, September the 14th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, September the 21st at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


New Beast Mastery skill pending: Lashing - Causes all slashing attacks to cure you for 5% of the damage dealt (aka Cureism). This effect is doubled if you are using two whips. Note this benefits normal melee slashers as well as whips, since both do slash damage and there are no other requirements.


Half the value of the small/medium nuggets stolen by PKs will now go toward the PKs' bounty, and the other half will be converted to normal gold coins and looted. The FAQ has been updated.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Browsergamegod. In a result that few saw coming, the DoT Arcanist outperformed the more traditional White Knight tanks who had a significant lead and were expected to win. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Behold the new LG.


The tournament is tomorrow, Saturday, May the 18th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


Alphabetical sorting for runes and potions will now ignore the "potion of" and "rune of" to make finding these items on the auction house easier.


Goblins now deal in armor and shield essences.

New rapid auction repeat buy/sell added to FAQ when holding mouse button down:

Remember, if you are on mobile there is a CTRL/Shift toggle on your hotbar that can make life much easier when it comes to moving items around and using goblin merchants.

The latest client v4.591 increases the speed of click hold auction buying and eliminates the issue where you might buy 1 extra upon release.


To prevent player log spam, trophy auctions and auctions for less than 100,000g will no longer be recorded in each personal player log. We'll still have global logs of them in case it is necessary to reference them.

On the new client, holding shift while hovering over a BoM item will show the consumable recipe for your referencing pleasure.

You can now hit enter after typing a Book of Masters /filter and it will lock that filter in place, allowing you to use the new shift key functionality or continue typing to players while remaining at the same filtered location in the BoM.


In client v4.587 you will no longer get a warning when buying very cheap (<50g) items off the auction house due to being 2x over average auction and you will now see an auction price history for items on a logarithmic time scale. This will is a new statistic and will get more accurate over time.


The new client v4.584 allows you to use Control + Shift/Alt/Command to instantly move items between your crafting window and storage/inventory.

When holding Control + Shift/Alt/Command and clicking on auctions you will insta buy/sell but it will not continue to work if the item you are buying/selling changes significantly, meaning you are protecting from accidentally buying/selling the wrong item when spam clicking if the auction page changes or your cursor drifts.

The way small nuggets drop on large chests was changed to prevent you from getting multiple stacks of smalls.


In addition to the existing bounties that were announced on 3/22/2024, the first group that manages to obtain the Sovereign's Brooch will get $100 game credit for each member. This has now been collected by Jdilly, Denial, and Defeat.


Goblin Merchants
We are now testing the addition of Goblin Merchants to the auction house. Further testing and adjustment will be required to ensure we have their prices adapting properly to market conditions, and to not be exploitable. Then we can offer them for a wider array of items. This method is known in finance as market making. It provides liquidity without interfering (in theory) with the natural movement of prices.

Items currently offered:
-PvE Essences
-Shield/Armor Essences
-Heroic Essences
-Time Cards
-Inventory/Storage Expanders
Goblin Merchants exist to make the buying and selling of items on the auction house be instantaneous. They will appear on auction house listings as buyers and sellers. Note that an auction house listing whose price is green with a + next to it means that the auctioner is willing to BUY your items for that price. A grey price is a goblin seller.

You can also right click items for an "Auto Auction Sell" option that will immediately sell to the Goblin Merchants.

Note that Goblin Merchants only sell items out of Stronhad, however, they will buy items from any location. If the item you are selling to them is not in a town, however, you will lose an additional 20% to taxes. If the item is in a town but not in Stronhad, you will lose 10%.

Typical taxes and social experience gains happen the same with Goblin Merchants as with other players.

Goblin Merchants' prices adapt to the market with every single unit's transaction. This means the price will go up as you buy and down as you sell, moreso if the item is one that doesn't trade often. Due to this reason, if you choose to Auto Sell Auction more than 1 item, you will receive a reduced amount for each item as the price adjusts every single unit that has been sold. To be safe you should typically only sell 1 item at a time to Goblin Merchants.

For rapid buying, hold CTRL and SHIFT and click the Goblin Merchant's auction listing repeatedly. Items purchased from a Goblin Merchant will autostack to make this easier.
Item pictures will show up in recipe mouseovers.

Creature name plates have been moved to not cover their lovely faces.

The total cost of a stack no longer matters when listing auctions. For instance, you could list 100 TCs at 2,000,000 each whereas before it would have told you that you were over the gold max.


Players Rikmaru and Dinhoruiz are the first ever to be banned due to Nodiatis rule #2 from the FAQ: Do not share your account. ALL the accounts any one person accesses must all have the same e-mail. Had this been a misunderstanding, the result would have been different, but further investigation after seeing that his accounts were on different e-mails revealed that he knowingly took over a friend's account even after being warned by other players that this was against the rules. If you have an account that is on a different e-mail from your others or on an e-mail that you can no longer access, e-mail us to correct the issue.

Starting with the next server reload, the Heart of Darkness will be sufficient to allow passage into the Blood Lake.

The new client addresses a client crash bug and hopefully (unconfirmed) fixes a font rendering issue. This client patch is now removed because it introduced auction house changes that aren't ready server side yet.

Another mystery zone has had its artwork updated.


Clearing Up a Popular Misconception

In this latest patch and in the past we have attempted to push Nodiatis toward more open-world PvP. This latest patch reversal has cemented our thinking that it is a mistake to try and make Nodiatis more PvP-centric. We already have a competitive PvP scene in the arena with huge rewards. We will *not* be attempting to mix PvE farming with PvP in the future. The PK system that exists gets criticized for low participation, but perhaps that is exactly how it should work. On the rare occassion that someone decides to PK, it provides danger and excitement, but only for short periods of time, i.e. until players form up and erradicate the threat. Long periods of stress that prevent people from farming peacefully are not something that we or the players want.


You are able to right click and sell stacks of nuggets without a warning popup.

Our experiment with clan battling is complete. The results were that people in aligned clans don't want more open world PvP, and that is an understandable desire due to the way things have been for so many years. We are rolling back much of the clan battle changes:

-Only a single stack of trophies will be lootable like before

-There will be no 50k value requirement to start a clan battle or any nugget stealing

-There will be no 10 minute limitation on Logging/Beast/Going to Town for those who forced a clan battle

-We will reinstate the Dom/Terr of any clan that surrendered their wars due to the previous changes (re-align your clan and contact help@nodiatis.com)


When chests of gold contain more than 1,000 gold, as many Small and Medium Gold Nuggets as possible will enter your inventory in place of the gold. The remainder is added to your gold as normal. This prevents people from avoiding clan battle looting by boss farming. They autostack, and Small Gold Nuggets will auto convert to Medium Gold Nuggets as their stack size increases above 10.

Players can no longer escape combat if their escape square is a town and they are being stalked for PvP combat.

For up to date info on Clan Battles, see this FAQ link.


The drop rate for PvE Temper Essences has been increased.


Account inactive e-mails were sent out in error today, you can ignore them.

Tops lists have been created for the people with the most PvE Tempers and the most trophies looted from clan battles.


For the remainder of this month, clans can Surrender All Wars to become unaligned and they will only lose half of their dominance and territory. No rune power will be lost.


-Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic Staves, Piercers, Whips, and Bows have been buffed (greatly in some cases) to make first-time leveling with these less-used starter builds far more efficient.

-Mana Reduction and Energy Reduction Runes both buffed. These are good for leveling players that cast frequently and can make low level gems very efficient.

-Reduced rune power activation cost of Rank 5 runes.

-New Social Skill: Governance - This skill reduces the cost for you to activate a rune in a clan vault based on a level-weighted moving average of the population of your clan. Only soldiers and above count toward population, and a level 42 player would only count as half a person. The skill is not linear. When maxed, a clan with a level weighted population of 10 instead of 100 would get a roughly 69% reduction in rune activation cost.

You may have missed some of the recent drama: some players have taken to clan battling opponents without first gaining consent. This is not only allowed, but this is the way clan battling was intended to be. And we are upping the stakes for those who have chosen to be part of Malevolant or Valiant clans:

-Victors of clan battles now auto loot all non-town trophies in the same manner as PKs do. That is, all trophies, even soulbound or on an unpaid victim (although 2/3rd are destroyed), even those in storage in other locations, are transferred to the killerís storage. Unpaid accounts will only destroy trophies.

-Don't want to be a part of clan battles? Not a problem, just do not be part of any clans that have chosen to be in clan battles by being Valiant or Malevolent.

-Malevolent and Valiant clans can surrender all wars, losing half rune power, dominance and territory, to go back to neutral if they wish. This is only fair, since they profited all this time from being aligned.

-You cannot be forced into clan battle by someone who is more than 10 levels above you.

-Auto AFK arena will now be active even outside of prime time hours.


Calamari is now on the menu. Check this link from the FAQ for the growing list of available Unique Faces

See More


A bug involving high level creatures being able to resist gem effects that should be unresistable, such as 100% remain-in-play stun immune auras has been found and fixed.


Rest your eyes! As of client v4.564 the yellowing of faces to indicate potential clan warfare will no longer show up except on local zone faces and only when out of towns.


Runes that give pure AC or stats will now only have their full effect at level 85 and will scale linearly before that. They will show the correct scaled value based on your level when you look at them. These runes were far too powerful in the low level ranges.


Gift boxes that would have previously had Resource Bounties will now have a more valuable (in nearly every case) Gold Nugget instead. People who were getting resources in gift boxes were rarely in direct need of them, and they'd put them on auction to sell fast, which drags down the price for our hard working resource harvesters.


Players can opt to have their highest ever experience total reduced to their current experience total + 1,000,000 if they wish. This would be done to reduce the tier of silk required for PvE essences. We do not recommend this. Even if you calculate that you will save some money on silks vs. trophy cost, you are not taking into account the money lost when having to farm an increasingly difficult amount of PvE essences on a character that you are making less efficient. If you think you will just be farming essences on another character to hand over, you don't realize how difficult that is, and you have been warned. Your boon status will remain unchanged, but you will only be 1,000,000 exp away from crossing the threshold where you lose it. E-mail help@nodiatis.com if you wish to make this bone-headed move. Offer expires in April. After that it will cost 1 TC to reduce total experience for every month past April, capping at 5 TCs.


(This is a record Nodiatis itself broke today, not a new tops list)

The amount of hot sweaty man meat that is colliding and parting ways in the Nodiatis arena has never been hotter or sweatier. Come be a part of the carnage.

As you can see, the newly rebalanced highest level creatures are putting up quite a fight. They clone your gems, and they steal your wamans. Then they shatter your gems and haunt your dreams. But someone must rise and conquer them. Let the spoils go to the victor. The first person who is able to fell The Haunt's boss in normal difficulty will receive $1,000 game credit. The first group to do the same in heroic difficulty will receive a new LG and 2 master copies.

Those tops lists looked a bit different earlier today, prior to an old sea dog doing everything he could to be forced to walk the plank. Ultimately, he fell in.


Silk drops are getting another buff and heroic essence drops are getting a nerf.


Rune and silk drops have been buffed, much more in heroic mode.

PvE Tempers now go up faster at the start and max out at 1000% to better exemplify their true power. Players who actively test things will notice that it doesn't take a whole lot of PvE Tempering (don't neglect your defense) to be able to kill creatures that you were not able to kill prior to tempering. Very little effort is needed, in fact, unless you were an ultimate slayer, to surpass what normal creatures you were able to kill before. Heroic's are tough as nails, but the highest gear items now drop off of standard bosses, so with a decent tempering you might even be able to get the Lock of Hair in your own group without having to hire mercenaries to prop you up.

The PvE Temper patch buff above did not go live until 22:40 server time after a second reload.



The chances of getting a Gold Nugget from a gift box have been increased.

The Lock of Hair and Sovereign's Brooch no longer require heroic kills to obtain.


To celebrate today's expansion, the "Ultimate Alt Package" promotion is available. For a limited time get Grinder, Accel, and Double Accel, which would cost over $320 if purchased separately with smoothbrain $6.99 TCs, for just $99.

Some notes on the new expansion:
-There are 10 new zones, 5 of which are on the surface and visible on the World Map and Paper Map

-All Heroic and Level 100+ creatures have new strengths and weakness, such as the ability to shatter, cast DoTs, adrenaline rush (see combat icon), listless, or on the flipside, a greater likelihood to get hit by specific attack or gem color types.

-All creatures still have the same HP as before. This is because our intent was not to change nonheroic farming speeds in levels 105 or below.

-PvE Temper Essences cannot be rebought if sold to the store. They can be used and unsoulbound (which degrades them) with the enchanting rod.

-PvE Tempers are effective vs. any level creature that is well above your level.

-All level 100+ quests and boss kills have been reset.

-Berserk (a creature ability) damage increases at half the rate of before to allow for longer fights if necessary.

-Creatures will have less Apocs, a greater variety of gems, but will focus more specifically on certain types of gems in different zones.

-Creatures AoEs are much weaker than before.

(It's runes, and it's live now.)


Nodiatis' first ever expansion: 3/17/2024 12:00 noon server time.


Also with the release of the PvE March patch: Dreval and Merfolk Island rebalancing. Salesmanship buff.


Coming this month, our largest ever PvE content patch: 8 new zones with 24 new creatures. These will be various levels from 100 to new heights. An updated paper map and world map will show these new zones as well as previous zones that were added in the past but not updated on maps. All heroic and 100+ level creature difficulty will be modified, reducing the effectiveness of cheesy tactics such stun/blind spamming, and giving these creatures new abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. 3 types of PvE tempers will be introduced that will allow players to build up powers and resistances vs. high level creatures. Level 99+ quests will be reset so everyone can start fresh on them.


Since there is no other reasonable default action, from now on when your draw gem slot is empty, left clicking or using the hotkey for one of your gems that is in play that is either unusable (like an aura) or in an autocast slot will cause that gem to be removed from play. This helps people, especially those on mobile, easily removes gems from play with it benefits their play style such as when deft casting.

Some issues on mobile have been fixed including one that made it difficult to scroll on the main menu.


The HotBar action called "Swap Item" has been renamed to "Swap or Use Item". You can assign it to a HotBar slot and then select an inventory slot that currently has a usable item in it such as a potion or tool, and then that HotBar slot will enable quick usage of whatever potions or tools are placed in that particular inventory slot. This can be very useful for mobile players who are gating/recalling, chugging multiple potions, or people doing things like skinning.


For the remainder of February you can once again get TCs for under $4 without spending a fortune. Logon and check the normal order page for the 10 TCs for $39.99 special, and get some! Or use the direct link to our Square storefront. Strict limit of two orders per player!

And this guy is coming soon.


The enemy auto-targeting method for AFK Arena is being changed to be based on the enemy with the lowest visible % HP, rather than the lowest raw HP. Since raw HP info is not available to players, it should not be available to the AFK arena logic. Also, this will help prevent weak players from being immeditely, and arguably exploitably, identified and killed with openers.


More shmexy faces available, this time with more hair and facial appendages. They are the same cost as usual, 45 TCs. To see all the new faces and for info and instructions, check this link from the FAQ: Unique Faces

See More


When damage is completely absorbed by a damage absorption shield, you will now see the damage displayed as a 0 value, so you can better identify the source and type of damage that was absorbed.


New client has optimizations and a crash fix.


Tired of paying $7 for TCs? For the remainder of January you can get TCs for under $4 without spending a fortune. Logon and check the normal order page for the 10 TCs for $39.99 special, and get some!


With the next patch, DoT damage will be mitigated when it is applied, not when it ticks.

Tunnel Vision now reads: This skill provides staff users with up to 25% (at 100) extra concentration making their gems less likely to be resisted. When leveled past 100, this provides up to a 40% (at 140) chance to resist Prevents, Mirrors, and Redirects if you also have extreme concentration.

Grey Magic now reads: This is your prowess with grey magic direct damage. If this skill is low compared to the suiting of your opponent you may do as little as half normal damage. Additionally this skill lowers mana and energy costs by up to 15% and adds up to 40% damage mitigation penetration to grey magic gems.

Note, damage mitigation penetration will assist doing more damage with both DDs and DoTs (not that there are grey ones).

Players Tamerr and Syke banned for botting.


Impedance now reads: This skill provides up to a max of 10% (capped at 100) resistance to all colored magic effects depending on your contravention. When leveled past 100, this reduces damage taken from sources that arenít targeting you directly by up to 30% (at 140).

This does not reduce damage done to yourself. This is not classified as damage mitigation.


The Ender of Suffering has had its antiparry and antiblock buffed, both of which now work for all attacks.

Staff of Spoil and Misery has had its gem antiresist buffed.

Cudgel of Cursed Blood has had its giant onblock DoT changed to be an AoE that hits all enemies.

Enchantrix Stave has had its blue and grey bonus increased and now also provides an extra chance to hit with all types of attacks.

Hammer of Unity has had its mitigation buffed and its self listless proc has been changed to a large group draw haste aura.

Blight Barb Dagger has had its self listless proc replaced with an extra chance to hit with all types of attacks.

Axe of Soul Stealing has had its vamp % amount increased.

Staff of Guiding Light now has its heal gem bonus grow to 5x over the duration of the fight.

Check the BoM for details.

PvP DoTs Rise Again
Prior to today, DoT cures and (and cures from overheals) scaled with PvP alongside damage due to the fact that DoT damage doesn't scale when it is applied, but rather when the DoT actually ticks. Today we are reducing this to be a less drastic discrepency from the way other damage/heal relationships work such that DoT curing will only scale partially from PvP damage multipliers. This should make anti-DoT builds far less of a hard counter. The paragraph in the mechanics page has been updated. Note, healers were recently buffed as well with the staff buff above.

Life from Death will have the following line added: "This is based on damage prior to the effects of the PvP damage multiplier." This is not a change, this is to add clarity to how this skill already worked.


Malc and Wrath have both been banned for confirmed botting. Nobody is going to be happy to see them go, as they were both cherished members of the game. We bear them no ill-will and wish we did not have to do this. It is quite important to note: we do not ban anyone for botting unless we are 100% confident that they are indeed using a bot in Nodiatis to gain an unfair advantage.

It is likely that they will have ways to try to convince people that their detection was an error by claiming that they were merely doing things that could be mistaken for botting, such as looking into the game code or scraping it for info or using botting software for non-Nodiatis purposes. While they may have been doing those other things as well, we are 100% sure that they were using software to assist in automating Nodiatis farming activities. There is absolutely no room for error in this conclusion.

Over the past weeks we have made some very significant upgrades to our bot detection. We are now able to detect even very advanced software. It is perhaps not so surprising that people who bot effectively (these two were suspected of botting for a very long time, but we only recently were able to confirm it with 100% certainty) are either programmers themselves or friends with programmers. As computer programmers, we understand the desire to automate things. We have given players tools to make AFK farming much easier, so that they can play in a relaxed and fair manner. However, using tools like they did to facilitate farming with 0 interaction for hours until a bot check pops up is an entirely different thing, is completely unfair, and can only be dealt with via permanent bannings.

A new Random Team Arena Season has just begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, approximately 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 06:00 server time on Saturday, May the 11th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, May the 18th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.

The New Skills are Here!
Priapism (released earlier, but part of this batch) - This skill causes MSt and PSt to respectively increase the amount that you mana/energy drain and deplete by up to 50% (at 100/1000 skill/stat), and also allows the draining of empty targets at up to 33% normal efficiency. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses. For clarity, yes, this affects the Soul Devourer pet, Defoliate gem, Exhaustion gem, Mind Numbing gem, Devampiric gems, Energy/Mana Theft runes, etc.

Disinterest - This skill provides up to a 10% chance to resist taunts, but only 5% if taunter is using a shield. Unlike normal resists which can only occur on the main target which then prevents AoE spread, Disinterest prevents taunts on an individual basis for every target of an AoE taunt. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

Overburn - This skill is togglable and when maxed provides a 20% damage bonus to DoT and DD gem effects (25% for grey gems), but it makes those gems require up to triple the mana and energy and the extra damage does not count toward your damage-based mana/energy drains/gains. Training this skill will cause the Arcanist CA to only restore your own mana/energy and to restore a reduced amount starting at 30k. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

Manergy Memory - When maxed, this skill makes it so if you switch to a suit and your HP, mana, or energy is capped due to a lower max, when you switch suits again you will have your previous HP, mana, or energy amount restored so long as it was still at 100%. Only partial restoration will occur if skill is not maxed. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

Camaraderie - When this skill is maxed and you are using a shield for the entirety of a fight, you will cause your teammates to recover up to 60% of their max HP, mana, and energy every time your team kills a creature. This is scaled down by fight length, so 2 minute kills get the full amount but a 30 second kill will yield one quarter the normal amount. Player kills yield only mana and energy and at one half the normal amount. Without the shield, this works at only one quarter the normal amount. If this skill is trained, you will do up to 25% less damage with DDs and DoTs when you have a shield equipped.

The combination of these skills allow for a new farming trio setup, two or three of which use high MSt or PSt, and with or without a shield user. Even without a shield user, Camaraderie on all three teammates can recover up to 30% of all players' max HP, mana and energy at the end of each PvE fight (which would be 100% mana/energy with a shield user and the new Lavaliere of Vitality), or more (way more if there are revives) throughout the course of a PvP fight. Huge mana or energy reserves benefit from this (and the Arcanist CA, and the Lavaliere of Vitality) exponentially, and can allow for Overburn toggles to speed up farming or help with scoring the first PvP kill...which can then snowball. In PvP in general, players will have the potential to fight mana/energy drains and depletion with massive pools rather than relying on the Staff of Shielding depletion immunity. Multiple shield users in a group with Camaraderie can provide absurd mana/energy for the whole group per kill.


Auto Draw will begin at the very beginning of combat, and thus not require an extra keypress to work most efficiently with Divination.

Auto Draw will properly place Replay triggered gems directly into play.

Auto Draw will no longer allow multiple Cantrips or Replay triggers to go directly into play in the same moment, i.e. from a double cast cantrip.


The new client allows you to buy stacks of 50 or 110 easily from stores.


The Slice and Dice skill is being changed to an Epic and allowed to reach a level of 140. All your experience in it will be properly transferred to if you had leveled an epic skill. Due to how experience scales by level, if you were previously 100 in this skill, you will now be 25. If you were previously 50, you will now be 10. The skill will now read:
Slice and Dice - This skill grants up to a 35% (49% at 140) chance of your melee slashing hits to slice your target causing it to bleed for 60 (120 for two-handed weapons) damage over 60 seconds with unlimited stacking. Also causes non-whip slashing attacks to have up to a 11% (16% at 140) chance of dicing your target, doubling your potential max damage. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

A new low level gem called Thrash Aura has been added to stores. Be sure to update your client when available or you will see incorrect aura icons.

Fixed an issue with Replay not working on gems that were Auto Drawn.

NoRemorse/Gracy/Looker/Redlight/Noregrets permanently banned for using the same style bot that just got Epididymis/Nammus/Bumble/Sphincter banned. Not smart.


The new client allows you to view all 3 of the equipment suits of the person you are inspecting. You will always inspect their current equipment first. You can still only see their current runes.

The new client also allows you to toggle Auto Draw, which automatically places drawn gems into play. They will not be autocast unless you have autocast turned on for the slots they are drawn into. You can right click this button or open Interface Options -> Combat Options, for the ability to have Auto Draw come on when you toggle autoattack/autoshoot and also to hide the button.

Note that cantrips are now slightly better than before. In particular, the Auto Draw mechanics (which work the same as AFK arena) work more fluidly than before.

In between seasons is when we typically focus on class/build balance changes. If you have any ideas for balance improvement, namely if you think certain builds or items are particularly lacking, now is the time to let it be known in civil chat discussion for consideration.


The tournament is today, Saturday, Jan the 20th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.

Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winners Deathbytsutsu Excellence Freaky. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Behold the new LG.

The Forged Hydrafang Dagger and Talon of the Wyvern Demon (tiers II+) have been buffed.

Arena TC rewards have been shifted slightly from the top to the bottom to give more TCs to the lower ranked players than before:
3v3 Premade Seasons:
#1 Team - Arena Champion - $1,500 Game Credit, 1 New Undiscovered LG Weapon/Pet
#2-3 Teams - Arena Title Contender - 20 TCs, 1 LG Gem (any rank) or 1 LG Armor/Shield (tier I)
#4-10 Teams - Arena Gladiator - 15 TCs
#11-15 Teams - Arena Veteran - 8 TCs
#16-20 Teams - Arena Challenger - 6 TCs
#21-25 Teams - Arena Combatant - 5 TCs
#26-50 Teams - Arena Qualifier - 4 TC

Random Team 3v3 and Standard 1v1:
#1 Player - Arena Champion - $1,500 Game Credit, 1 New Undiscovered LG Weapon/Pet and master plans of same item.
#2-3 Players - Arena Title Contender - 20 TCs, master plans of the new LG and 1 LG Gem/Shield/Armor
#4-9 Players - Arena Title Contender - 20 TCs, 1 LG Gem (any rank) or 1 LG Armor/Shield (tier I)
#10-30 Players - Arena Gladiator - 15 TCs
#31-45 Players - Arena Veteran - 8 TCs
#46-60 Players - Arena Challenger - 6 TCs
#61-75 Players - Arena Combatant - 5 TCs
#76-150 Players - Arena Qualifier - 4 TCs

The next arena season is Random Team Arena and it will start as early as Thursday, so spend your tokens immediately.


Drama Update!
civ Slayer: lf clan, Tsu is pouting
civ Slayer: yeah mentioned Tsu's relentless whining again and got kicked [from WPack]
civ Slayer: better respect the lord and master
What does it all mean? Deathbytsutsu, who is currently on the #1 ranked team, was offended by Slayer, who is currently on the #2 ranked team, apparently for calling him out on his whining (most likely about RNG, it's a recurring theme). Train-face Deathbytsutsu kicked clown-face Slayer from WPack, causing him to lose access to the clan's runes, which would ultimately give him no chance in arena. Slayer has since joined tical, but do they have all the runes he needs? Probably. It's worth noting that the Jdilly Quazeliobilaebyn Slayer trio started the season incredibly strong, barely losing any matches. However, when Deathbytsutsu Excellence Freaky began to queue in earnest with builds more resembling their final form, the Slayer team started queueing only enough to avoid decay and the embarassment of defeat. They are currently licking their wounds and hedging their likely loss in the tournament with proclamations that the game is dead and promises of quitting. Much sad.


The new client allows you to view faces in their full resolution with the shift key.


Over 80 new high definition faces are available on a first come, first serve basis. They are the same cost as usual, 45 TCs. To see all the new faces and for info and instructions, check this link from the FAQ: Unique Faces

See More


Auto AFK Arena Toggle - This button will show up when you are in the arena. When turned on, this will force AFK Arena functionality to remain active even if you are actively doing combat actions during the fight so you can manually do CAs, cleanse, etc, without it messing up AFK stuff. When off, your character will continue to behave as it currently does, with AFK Arena actions occurring only when you are AFK. Note, this will not work during Saturday's tournament. For simplicity's sake, AFK Arena functionality will remain active during all tourneys as well as during prime time of all seasons.


The player who owns Epididymis, Nammus, Bumble, and Sphincter has been banned for attended botting. That is when you remain at your computer, watching, chatting, and handling the bot checks, but still have a bot doing the heavy lifting for you. Shame, shame. This dumbo has now managed to get banned on both our games.

New client fixed some auction item display issues, notably it shows ave price per each trophy again which is useful for sellers.


The first of 5 new skills which will be released by the start of the new arena season has been released. These skills will primarily provide mechanics for high PSt/MSt builds. Note none of these skills will function in the arena until next season.
Priapism - This skill causes MSt and PSt to respectively increase the amount that you mana/energy drain and deplete by up to 50% (at 100/1000 skill/stat), and also allows the draining of empty targets at up to 33% normal efficiency. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses. For clarity, yes, this affects the Soul Devourer pet, Defoliate gem, Exhaustion gem, Mind Numbing gem, Devampiric gems, Energy/Mana Theft runes, etc.


Filtering the BoM with a / command in your chat bar will now also search the descriptions of items as well as their names. This will make it easier to find items with specific effects. This can be toggled off if you like. Also, now when you end a /filter your BoM will return to the same location it was at the start of your search.


2023 Wrap Up
This was another busy year in Nodiatis, as you can see by the items completed on the most wanted list:

-24/7 Auction Persistence (x0.5) (COMPLETED 2023) - Your player will remain online (whether Active or AFK) through any amount of manual reloads caused by patches and one daily reboot. This means that as long as you log on to your character each day, your auctions will remain visible for all hours of the day. This should help you both sell and find items to buy on the auction house.

-Enhanced Embargo (x0.25) (COMPLETED 2023) - Embargo will successfully thwart those who attempt to go around your embargo by the use of alts.

-LG Shield Rebalance and New No-Essence LG Shield (x0.5) (COMPLETED 2023) - So you can use different shields without necessarily dying on them.

-Volume Adjustment (x0.25) (COMPLETED 2023) - Choose between more than deaf and soon-to-be deaf.

-AutoCast Memory Per Pouch (x0.25) (COMPLETED 2023) - Modifying autocasting of gems will be done on a per-pouch basis.

-Early Staff Rebalance (x0.25) (COMPLETED 2023)

-Low Level Caster Runes (x0.25) (COMPLETED 2023)

-Persistent Groups (x0.1) COMPLETED 2023) - Remain grouped even through manual reloads and daily resets.

-Book of Masters (x1.5) COMPLETED 2023) - A special place to permanently store master recipes, so they can be used without taking up space, but they will no longer be tradable.

-AFK Arena (x0.5) COMPLETED 2023) - The coolest shit ever. Form groups even with your disconnected teammates and have them fight by your side.

-Lavalieres (x0.25) COMPLETED 2023) - New type of LG item that allows all classes to make use of the quiver slot.

Total: 4.6x / 4.0x
A link to the Annual Most Wanted List can now be found directly at the bottom of the new client.
Work continues on the Nodiatis addition of Siegecraft included on the Most Wanted List, which is estimated to be at x8.0/x10.0 progress, and our priority is still to get out 4.0x of normal Nodiatis patches per year.


Weapons now show a base DPS stat. This does not take accuracy into account, it just calculates average damage divided by delay. Bow base DPS is based on your currently equipped arrow and does not take your quiver or accuracy into account.


Crafting trophies out of resins will now be less random in your result. Pro Tip: Make sure your highest creature kill is in an area that has mostly the type of trophies you want (combat vs. spirit) and use big stacks of resin to create the trophies for the greatest efficiency. The type of resin doesn't matter, it is the total value of the stack of resin that matters.

There is a Forgot Password link on the login page now.


The amount of trophies you get when crafting them with resins has been greatly increased - to the extent that crafting trophies on your first trip to 85 is now viable when in a pinch.

If it is your first time to 85 (only need to get to 85 on one account to avoid this) and you are leveling with someone who is 6 or more levels above you, you will get very little experience gains.


Epic gems will now drop in a larger random level range relative to their matching armor.


The Legendary Beast has dropped a completely new type of item. This particular item should make the seldom-used MSt or PSt staff build far more viable in both PvE and PvP. The new item type Lavaliere uses the quiver slot, so it will be less useful for nonstaff casters who need to trade out a powerful quiver in order to equip it. Lavalieres can be used by Berserkers, who for now are likely to benefit more from the stats and temper than the effects until different types are released.

The amount of max energy and mana that PSt and MSt give will grow quadratically when you get into high amounts. This change won't go live inside arena until the next season.


An ominous cloud is forming, promising the birth of darkness in the coming days. Be there to see what new horrific powers will be unleashed.


Pilgrims can no longer group with people if their level difference is greater than 10. This is to prevent exploitative power-leveling where the pilgrim can allow a low level player to fight very high level creatures.


The bug that was not updating your max level creature kill unless it was a boss has been fixed.

As per the discussion last night in chat, we have decided to have your highest recorded creature level be shared across all your accounts (based on your email) so you can still feed your alts. Manually log all your characters, then relog the one with the highest creature kill and all should sync.

You will no longer receive an increase to your highest killed creature level if you are grouped with someone who is more than 5 levels above your own level.

Crafting trophies from resins will now only produce trophies that the crafter can actually use.

As of today, no single player may spend more than $2,500 per month on Nodiatis purchases. If you still have a lot of spending cash left over, there's always golf or sailing.


When Nodiatis went live in May 2008, the price of beef was $5.19/kg. Today the price is $17.18/kg, more than triple! And yet TCs can still be purchased in packs of 5 for $24.99...truly an amazing value. Inflation is real, though, and the price of the very useful Acceleration Upgrade will soon be increasing to 15 TCs. Not to fret, however! For the remainder of 2023 you can actually get the Acceleration Upgrade for the sale price of 10 TCs (down from the usual 11 TCs)! Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

To prevent the issue of too much gold coming from Golden Showers compared to actual farming, free accounts will have their Golden Shower amount reduced to 20% of the normal amount.

Players can no longer use trophies unless they have an account that has killed a creature at least the level of the creature that the trophies came from. Your highest creature kill is stored through rerolls, so it does not prevent you from using trophies after a reroll. You can see the level of the highest creature you killed when you mouseover your face in the skills window. This value may not be accurate yet since it was based off your highest group/solo boss kill. You can kill the creature in any group configuration you like to update the value.

Many of the tops lists are transitioning to show birth year instead of player level.

***Cringe Warning***
"OMG GliTcHlEsS? Why do you hate new players?" Good question. I recently had a conversation with a player (who may want to remain unnamed, but if they want to reveal they sure can) who confessed something to me. They were doing their best to "motivate" new players, and part of that regimine was feeding them lots of trophies. They had started to notice something, however. It seemed the more trophies they fed them, the less likely they were to still be playing the game in a week or two. This is an observation that is difficult for people to make, because it doesn't necessarily make them feel like the good guy noob helper that they envision themselves to be. The reality, however, is that any player who gets a ton of advancement very quickly, is going to have a lot of fun for a short period, then zero fun as they realize that the progress they are making is horribly slow compared to their recent rush. Nodiatis is a special game. It is as far from the current game development meta as possible: use flashy cut scenes to convince you to spend an immediate $50 before ever playing, maybe try for some DLC, and bail in 1 year or even in 1 week, ie The Day Before fiasco. The amount of games that continue to make more money in their 15th year than they did in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year is incredibly small. A large part of that is due to our ability to appear "bad guy" as opposed to "good guy" and to keep the game challenging for new players as opposed to just giving them, or allowing them to be given, an amount of free or easy stuff that completely ruins the game. We do what we can to preserve the difficulty faced by the first person to reach level 85 from level 1, but it is still easier today than it was at release due mainly to the bonuses you can get from clan runes.


Midlevel piercing weapons have had their damage increased and the Grass Sword now swings slightly slower.


We received some constructive feedback from a concerned player about the recent PK changes. Note this person received a free TC at the very start of their Nodiatis adventure, made it all the way to level 14, and is a common example of what handouts produce. They could be trolling, but let's hope they're not.


For the price of $6.99, TCs can now be purchased in singles. The water is warm. Dip your toe in.

Farm for me, you nonPK plebs: PKs will now automatically receive all the trophies (even soulbound) of the person they kill except for trophies that are located at a town. These trophies will be automatically transferred to the PK's storage so that it will not encumber them and they can go back and collect them at a safer time or with a transport companion. PKKs will also steal the trophies of the PK in the same manner when victorious.


If you are under level 80, you will now only need to sacrifice a Bouquet of Roses (2.5m value) instead of a Bouquet of Orchids (10m value) to become a PK. Your bounty will start at 1.25m instead of 5m as well.


Changes have been made to the PK system which now allow PKs to remain level range restricted and still group, overskill, and use LG items. See the PK link in the FAQ for details.

A Revenge system has been added to players who have been PKed which allows them to level up and have a chance at avenging their death.

When inspecting players you can no longer see how encumbered they are since this can be used to determine if a PK is farming.


The 8/28/2020 announcement details the banning of the player Redeye, who was banned for what was ultimately revealed to be putting a weight on his keyboard, which with the proper keybinds would then cause a pilgrim character to repeatedly fight. This is no longer possible for several reasons, including the disabling of keys held down too long and of course the new visual bot checks. Given the amateur nature of the offense and the fact that 3 years have passed and all was lost, the player is allowed to make new characters and start from scratch.
Drama Update
15:29:43 civ Glitchless: he won't come back. he doesn't want to pay his debts.
15:30:36 civ Glitchless: now he can't hide behind "well i'm banned" to pretend he can't repay them however
16:58:56 civ Somethingeye: just to be clear to what glitch was saying. I am not stopping myself from returning because I dont want to pay debts. I wish I could pay them however I will not pay back such a loan off of a new account let alone the time and money it takes
16:59:10 civ Somethingeye: to get back up to where I was
17:01:46 civ Somethingeye: yes i talked to some people from game to catch up, yes i happen to watch old videos for nastolgia reasons and asked glitch if unbanning was an option for shts and giggles however i have no reason to start over. I could have done that years ago but
17:01:56 civ Somethingeye: its not worth doing whatsoever
17:04:18 civ Somethingeye: true but debt is something i truly wish i could repay and it would take years even with help. I have everything i owed still on my accounts but it wouldnt be doable for me to start over and invest so much time when im in a good position in life
17:04:53 civ Somethingeye: as far as im concerned people who have quit due to my ban or debt was Lakki, DTM, Paulo and maybe more
17:05:46 civ Somethingeye: I talked to Kami on the phone few months back
17:05:55 civ Somethingeye: lakki*
17:07:02 civ Somethingeye: however i could have started from scratch years ago, i was never IP banned but I find no reason to come back how o used to even with my accounts back. It was more nastoligc for me and the friends I still have here.
17:09:46 civ Glitchless: for the record, he emailed today asking to have the ban lifted. he said he'd pay "fines" to have access to his accounts to repay his debts. sounds like a lot of malarky. if he wants he can buy the TCs and pay back his debts.
17:11:22 civ Somethingeye: yes i would like to have my accounts back even if i had to pay for it but the debts owed are still on my account. I have close to 2,000 TCs and tons of materials just collecting dust last I remember so debts can be paid fast
17:11:56 civ Glitchless: wow so noble of you to want to pay a fraction of the value of your account to have access to it
17:15:24 civ Somethingeye: regardless this game isnt my life, theres still controversy on my banning. Whether you believe that I was botting for keeping coins or fingers on a key or not, if I can pay out my ban then cool, if not so be it
17:15:53 civ Glitchless: you *can* pay it back.
17:15:58 civ Glitchless: you *choose* not to
17:16:18 civ Glitchless: you want to look like a good guy without doing good things or sacrificing in any way
17:16:20 civ Somethingeye: sure I can lay it back if I bliss thousands of dollars
17:16:31 civ Somethingeye: pay*
17:18:05 civ Somethingeye: I borrowed tcs from DTM and armor from some people which I still have. Its as easy as a trade back
17:18:57 civ Glitchless: RedEye e-mail from past: "Hey Jeff, this is Redeye if you remember me. I just wanted to email you and ask if it's ever possible to come back to the game. It's been almost a year and I've been thinking about nod a lot since I was banned. I'm really sorry for automation"
17:19:00 civ Glitchless: "in the past and I've accepted my mistakes from the past and it will never happen again. I really miss the community a lot and I really hope that it's possible to come back one day. "
17:19:42 civ Glitchless: *comes back* "oh i meant i wanted all my cheat stuff back for free"
17:21:59 civ Somethingeye: im arguing with a game developer lmao. Look i came on to state what i wanted. Unban and to casually play and talk and pay debts back. If that cant happen then theres no need to come back lol simple as that
17:23:47 civ Somethingeye: funny enough a bot check was implemented after the ban but regardless if an apology and a offer to pay a fine isnt good then so be it
17:24:11 civ Glitchless: you *can* pay a fine. It's the $ at the bottom of your screen.
17:25:39 civ Somethingeye: yes glitch because buying $3,000 tcs just to pay a debt and pay more to start a new account is totally worth my time
17:26:03 civ Glitchless: why is your time suddenly more valuable than the time of those you wasted?
17:26:04 civ Somethingeye: excuse me 3,000 tcs
17:26:31 civ Glitchless: and why on earth would you borrow 3,000 TCs when you were doing something illegal and likely to get you banned?
17:26:33 civ Somethingeye: because an owner of a game doesnt know how to run one
17:26:41 civ Glitchless: lul
17:27:13 civ Somethingeye: anyway Ive said my piece. If what I offered wasnt good then goodbye lol


We are going to test enlarging the prime time window from 10:00-24:00 to 07:00-24:00. If we notice issues with the prime queue time being stretched too thin, we may need to further modify or reshrink the window.

We have also increased your daily queues from 35 to 50 and unified the amount of bonus you get from both wins and losses.


Real AFK Arena!

The tri-annual Arena Tournament is the pinnacle challenge in Nodiatis. Unfortunately, qualifying is extremely demanding of your time. The average Nodiatis player is not 15 years old like in other games, and our players have responsibilities that make it very difficult for three adults to schedule a daily block of time to get online and grind the thousands of matches necessary to even have a shot at being in the tournament. Queueing with your other two teammates AFK and motionless was a bandaid that didnít fix the problem.

We have a solution. If just one of the three players in an arena team is online, they can now participate in the arena grind effectively due to the following changes:
  • You can invite your arena teammates even if they are offline and they will be logged on and auto accept the invite.
  • When in arena, all characters, even the one who queued, that have not performed any arena actions or are unresponsive will do the following automatically during prime time (server time 10:00 to 24:00):
    • Turn on autoattack or autoshoot
    • Target enemies and teammates based on their health status
    • Put drawn gems in play and randomly cast them
    • Randomly shatter
  • All AFK penalties will naturally be removed and players will get full credit from all fights.
This will allow for true AFK arena participation, similar to how some players farm after just turning on autoattack. Neither is some terrible cheat, and neither creates any unfair advantage. If anything, this is more fair than before by giving a much better opportunity to players who are low on time but have good build strategies. This change is a far more accurate representation of your teamís strength than queueing with actionless teammates. The true test of skill will still take place at the end of the season with the Tournament.

In addition to these changes we have also made changes which will increase the speed at which matches pop for high rated teams. This may mean they will be more likely to face lower rated teams that give little or no rating, however, it is a better alternative than forcing them to artificially lower their teamís rating by reforming.


Tournaments now have a preset calender dates. The tournament dates for 2024 are Jan 20th, May 18th, and Sept 21st. In future years they will continue to occur on the 2nd to last SATURDAY of Jan, May, and Sept. The 2025 dates are Jan 18th, May 24th, and Sept 20th.


BoM improvement: Now you will be able to reopen your Quill and hit submit to repeatedly craft the same object you just crafted even when using the BoM to start the first craft.


The Nodiatis Standard/Premium Account time purchasing has been simplified. There no longer is an option to buy 16 weeks Standard or 16 weeks Premium at once. Instead you can only spend 1 TC for 4 weeks Standard or 1 TC for 11 days (up from 10 days) Premium. Whereas before you would have gotten an immediate 1 hour Rested Time for spending the bulk 4 TCs on Standard, you will now get 15 minutes for spending 1 TC (the exact same amount). Likewise, whereas before you would have gotten 2 hours when spending a bulk 10 TCs on premium, you will now get an immediate 15 minutes rested time per 1 TC (slightly more than before). It won't matter if you use the $ link to spend your TC on Standard or Premium or right click the TC. You will always now get an immediate 15 minutes of rested time when using a single TC for account time whereas before you didn't get any rested time when using a single TC. As always, you can convert Standard time to Premium time with the /convert command at a ratio of 3 to 1.

The client will now also display your total Rested + Rollover Rested time. This helps prevent confusion when upgrading your account and the amount of Rested time storage increases.

The Epicbeast was buffed by 1.8%

With a patch tonight we will be upgrading the 1 TC of Premium time from 11 days to 11.2 days so that nobody has to worry about losing anything from this patch and everyone will be happy and kissing. For simplicity's sake we will still refer to it as 11 days premium.


You can now filter your Book of Masters via text. Simply type a '/' and then add any text you wish. If "/black" is in your chat text field, it will only show items with black in their name.


The Book of Masters has arrived and can be found in Accomplishments. Players can now permanently store crafting Masters of all types, and then use them to make consumables in a very convenient fashion. The Book of Masters is also very convenient for those who wish to easily reference the full stats and descriptions of any craftable item in the game.

A new skill has been added: Adroit Compilation - This skill increases melee, ranged, pet, and gem draw haste by up to 5% and crafting haste by up to 50% based on the combination of its level and the percentage of completion of your Book of Masters.

The amount of gold that can be stolen by PKs has been doubled.

Item names will have a * after them if they are possible to put in your Book of Masters yet you do not have them yet.


Online players will now remain grouped after server reloads and daily reboots, provided they have actually logged on in the past 24 hours.


An earlier attempt to fix an arena team malformation issue caused a crash bug and 30 minutes of downtime. Players who were active at the time would have been rolled back 2ish minutes. The bugs were multiple and both were found and the server is back up. If the rollback caused you any serious losses, let us know and we will investigate the logs and give compensation if possible.


To prevent confusion with an LG item of a similar name, the Quiver of Opalescence is being renamed to the Quiver of Pearl Essence in a future patch.


Our condolences to all who are now missing Genievre. We think the best players are the ones who make both meaninful alliances and conflicts, and she did just that. As couples are allowed to share accounts, her husband will be inheriting the account.


An epic trio set out today raping and pillaging. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

PKs will now still get the 3x experience and trophy bonus even while grouped if they are crazy enough to be controlling all the characters themself.


We fixed an issue that was causing players to leave their arena team when logging out. This bug was introduced via the cache optimization on 11/27/2022 but was not effective until 3v3 premade went live. If you lost arena bonus due to this you can contact Glitchless in game or e-mail help@nodiatis.com


The 3v3 Premade Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, appoximately 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 06:00 server time on Saturday, Jan the 13th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, Jan the 20th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Note that we have fixed Tournament dates to be the second to last Saturday of January, May, and September of each year. You can now plan far in advance to lose horribly due to bad RNG.

Arena Tops lists will now update much faster.


The Legendary Beast has dropped a new pet.

Remember to spend all tokens by tonight, since tomorrow the new arena season begins and they will be reset.

You will notice a new bind on your hotbar. This is the Control Shift Toggle, and is primarily intended to allow mobile players to access some very useful item control shortcuts, mainly smart movement (see General Shortcuts in the FAQ) and rapid automatic purchase of full stacks on the auction house.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize team winner Brookeland. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Behold the new LG.

And there will be another LG coming soon as well... That ominous dark cloud is building, and some astrologers are saying it foretells the coming of a great three-headed beast of doom, next Saturday as best they can tell.


Starting this season, there will no longer be any decay to arena bonus the day of the tournament. This is to prevent the need for anyone to want to avoid logging until after the tournament to avoid decay. Now you should grind all the matches you can the night before and the day of the tournament to maximize your bonus. Arena rating decay will still occur and is unavoidable.

Future Arena Rushes will begin at 6:00 server time on Saturday and the message that tells you the amount of days you have until arena rating decay will always be accurate and will no longer differ after midnight.


Arena Rush is now live. The actual $1,500 credit tournament will take place on Saturday, Aug the 19th at 17:00 server time


Two new rune lines have been added that will be beneficial to low level casters.


Some interesting store logs:
Kenobi: Sold: 1 Sleeve of Spellbound Uvarovite }IX{ Date: 6/22/2023 19:51:06
Ciri: Bought: 1 Sleeve of Spellbound Uvarovite }IX{ Date: 6/22/2023 19:51:08
The implications of this may not be immediately obvious unless you own high tier gear. Their store sell/buyback value is based on the t1 cost so that unbinding does not increase in cost with tier. Thus their true value is much greater than the store buyback and you can make a lot of money at the unsoulbinder's expense if you know where they are selling to and buy it back before they get a chance to. Don't be that guy who snipes someone's unsoulbound stuff. It won't pay in the long run.


We have fixed a bug that was introduced with the recent staff buff that was causing some DoT bonuses to be applied twice.

We are testing a fix for an issue where a mirror gem or redirect gem's effect being resisted would prevent the initial gem from being cast.


Server crash bug occurred and was successfully debugged and fixed. There was a short rollback due to the crash. If you experienced any issues due to this rollback in amounts in excess of 1 million gold of value, e-mail help@nodiatis.com for assistance with the details.

Any arena modified ratings above 4500 have been reset to 4500. This is part of a fix to scaling modified ratings that is still in progress.

A mechanism exists in arena to prevent people from joining arena seasons late and stealing rating due to being underrated relative to everyone who has been playing the whole season. This is known as modified or individual rating, and it works by making sure you only lose points relative to the permament (ie existing through seasons and rerolls) modified rating of anyone who beats you. The problem that this currently causes is that in the early season, all the modified ratings are far greater than anyone's actual ratings, thus they lose next to nothing from losses until the end of the season. This is being fixed by scaling modified rating logarithmically such that it starts at a fraction of its permanent value at the beginning of the season and reaches its true full value only in the end of the season. You can now view both your modified and scaled modified individual ratings in your arena stats, however, know that this rating is only used to protect your foes from potentially excessive rating loss when you beat them.

To celebrate a more accurate and hardcore arena rating system, we are gifting everyone with 20 extra arena queues. Use them to destroy the dreams of your foes appropriately.

Parting with an enduring rune during PvP combat will now result in a 6 second stun. We asked if anyone who was currently doing this had objections, and it appeared there were no such people.


Players Kordegongo and Gadhil have been banned for using client crafting hacks.


Low level casters rejoice! The early line of staves has been buffed to all have effects to buff your use of DD and DoT gems. This should be of specific benefit to people who want to level as casters on their first attempt.

Clan player online messages will occur regardless of previous player status now when you relog. We will be applying a filter to prevent spam, however, which is not yet in place.


Gem autocasts toggles will now be stored on a per-pouch basis. Also, toggling autocast will not cause any cooldown delays.


In order to conform with existing norms, and to reduce unnecessary complication/confusion, Dark Reflection effects will now be treated like other mirror/redirection effects where the damage is treated as though it comes from the original source. This means its damage will be reduced by Self Preservation/Reflection skills (4/22/2023 announcement edited to be correct). It will also now do "up to" the listed percentage (more likely to be in the upper range) as opposed to always the full percentage. To offset what would otherwise be a nerf, we have greatly buffed the effect on the Claw of the Storm Dragon from 50% to 300% Dark Reflection.

The Do Unto gem line has been buffed. They now require less mana and energy and have a greater chance to work.

The battle timer should now reset to 0 if you are pulled into arena immediately after combat.

The 1v1 Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, less than 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 06:00 server time on Saturday, Aug the 12th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, Aug the 19th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


Effects formerly known as "reflection" are all being renamed to "redirection" to avoid ambiguity. As before, the "mirror" effect is something that allows damage to go through to the target and then also causes it to the attacker, but now we will refer to effects that prevent the original target from taking damage and cause it instead to the source as redirection. Note some items or auras may still carry the name reflection, but their effect descriptions will always specify mirroring or redirection to determine their true nature.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize team winner Quazeliobilaebyn. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

The Weighted Steel Aura gem is having its description updated to reflect that its values are unmodifiable. This is not a change in the gem.

Damage mitigation penetration is being changed to work vs. the Shovel of Abundance since it is now technically a damage mitigation effect.

The Epic Health Bonus change from 3/22/2023 is going live.

The Cudgel of Cursed Blood }I{ is having its proc buffed.

The new Talon Storm Aura is a special aura that benefits melee, ranged, and pet attacks and scales based on the base speed of the weapon/pet. For example, a Talon Storm Aura of "max 50%" will provide a 50% chance to prevent being blocked if the weapon (or bow) has a delay of 15 or less. If the delay is 30 the reduction would be 25%, and if the delay is 45 the reduction would be 16.667%. This aura is unmodifiable.

The new Dark Reflection Aura mirrors item-based (NOT gems) DD and DoT effects back to the source up to the listed percentage. For example, a Dark Reflection Aura of 300% would mirror a 500 damage item proc back to the source for up to 1500 damage. This is now the same as other attack mirrors/reflections in that the damage is treated as though it is coming from the original source, so it is reduced by Self Preservation/Reflection skills. This aura is unmodifiable.

Behold the new LG.


The new client fixes a bug we found with our new error tracking. It also has a method to try to recover from errors and exceptions rather than freezing so bugs such as these are less likely to cause an interruption in play.

Starting tonight and for future anonymous seasons, anonymity will be removed during Arena Rush Week.


Arena Rush is scheduled for this weekend, 06:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, April the 15th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, April the 22nd at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Remember that you cannot register for arena during rush, so do so now!


The Shovel of Abundance has had its description updated to be clear that its effect is a mitigation effect which is reduced by Rabid Bloodbond Aura.


Players can now adjust both music and effects volume. You also have finer control over what is muted, and the settings you choose are stored on a per character basis and preserved through rerolls.


Budhaman arena banned for the remainder of the season for purposefully doing stupid things in arena to anger his teammates, which is throwing.


Arena penalties for being AFK have been increased. You will lose twice the tokens as before, you will have your queues halved on the second daily AFK, and you will have your queues wiped on the third daily AFK. Athos arena banned for the remainder of the season for constantly doing stupid stuff in arena that was indistinguishable from purposeful throwing.


To prevent accidental clicks, the exit combat button will not show in the middle of the screen when on mobile if you have the exit combat button on your hot bar. If you want to see the exit combat button in the middle of your screen like before, remove that button from your hot bar.


LG Shields have been rebalanced with the following changes:
-Enchanted Bloodcrystal Shield }I{ now grants 25% increase to shield AC and increased block chance bonus from 10% to 12%.
-Zirconethyst Shield }I{ now grants 25% increase to shield AC and increased melee and range haste bonus from 12% to 20%.
-Demonskull Shield }I{ now grants 25% increase to shield AC and now gets melee as well as pet haste starting at 20%.
-Aliangel Crescent Shield }I{ increased loot bonus from 12% to 24% and now grants a 20% melee and ranged haste aura to their group when the wearer blocks.
-Earthfusion Buckler of Repentance }I{ now grants 30% increase to shield AC and increased damage absorption shield from 200 to 250.
-All shields that were buffed will be Season 33 restricted. Nobody was using them this season as they were.

Behold the new LG. Note, this shield is of a new breed that does not have a matching essence and must be crafted.

Silk drop rates also have been increased, and the Aliangel shield buffs have the potential to benefit heroic silk farmers.


Starting the day after the tournament on April 22nd, the Epic Health Bonus will be changed to scale more quickly, logarithmically instead of linearly. A player who has 10/100 Epic Health Bonus will get 31.6% max HP increase, 50/100 Epic Health Bonus will get 70.7% extra, and a person with 100/100 will be unchanged at 100% extra. This should allow newer players to become competitive in arena more quickly, allowing for skill to play a larger part in arena standing as opposed to quest completion.


The Epicbeast now drops a little something extra for the killers. 1 stack of 10 per player present during the kill.

Rabid Bloodbond's description is being changed to no longer target a specific gem, but rather to "cap bleed mitigation effects versus you at 40% (unmodifiable)." This will be slightly more powerful in some scenarios and will have more utility in general.

The gong will sound if you are revived in arena to alert you to get back to the business of killing.


Silk drops are going to be slightly increased with a patch tonight.


Behold the LG with the longest description ever, birthed from a three-headed monster on this day.


Players making purchases via Square will notice now that where it asks you to enter your character name it also specifies that the character must be your own character. In order to prevent potential exploitation and scamming, we are no longer allowing purchases to be made for others in this manner.


A demonic three-headed fetus kicks and stirs in the womb of Nodiatis land. With it always comes a new LG, pain, and suffering.


The Epicbeast's total health will fall in a random range to make it more difficult to attempt to time a queue and kill based on his health percentage.

Pilgrims will get a significantly increased beast bonus, since it can be so difficult for them to move around compared to a normal player.


The Epicbeast bonus will now last 50 minutes instead of 45 minutes, however, it will build more slowly and will not be effective when the beast still lives. The Epicbeast will be slightly more difficult. You will get a message telling you your beast bonus and amount of time left when you open a chest.

A bug with the Gatherer Class Ability was found. The blind component was lasting 1 second when it should have been scaling up to 2 seconds with the caster's level. It has been fixed.


Players no longer need to leave their clans in order to reroll, nor will you be removed from your clans when rerolling. You will also retain your ignore list through reroll.


The new client v4.462 expands the smart move feature of Control + Shift/Alt/Command + Click to work with the gem pouch as well as Storage, Inventory and Trade.


Client v4.458 has some code in place that will attempt to determine when Chrome or the DL client chromium engine has foresaken your audio and attempt to reenable it.

The new DL client will also attempt to flash your taskbar window icon in addition to playing the gong when arena begins.


Client v4.456 should do a better job of ensuring the text field is in view on mobile when the keyboard appears and then snapping back to your previous position after sending the message.


Player Oderman and all his accounts have been banned from participation in all Random Team Arenas this year for excessive AFKs. We are also considering more severe penalties resulting from arena AFKs including rating hits, elimination of playable games, arena bonus, or high token or gold penalties. Please provide feedback.

Item transport companions now tell you the coordinates being used.

The archives link has been moved to the FAQ.

If you use the /lang command in the new client v4.455 to hide the language menu, it will remember this choice. This can actually have a big impact on FPS on some mobile devices.

Being AFK in Random Team Arena will now cause you to lose an increasing amount of tokens (5, 10...) and arena bonus (1 fight worth, 2 fights worth...), which resets daily. 4 AFKs and you will have your available queues set to 0. Continue the next day and you will be banned from arena on all characters. In 1v1 arena you simply won't get any benefit from being AFK in arena. Does not apply to premade team seasons.


An important change has been made to game rule #2: ALL the accounts that someone accesses must have the same e-mail - there are no exceptions to this e-mail rule, even for family members in the same house. This is necessary to prevent potential arena shenanigans. See the FAQ or ToU which have been updated to have the same identical 9 game rules.

Further explanation: If you have 10 accounts that you play, all 10 of those accounts need to have the same e-mail. If you and your wife have separate accounts and never share, then your accounts should be on your e-mail and her accounts should be on her e-mail. If you are making use of the exception of being family members of the same house to share acccounts, then ALL the accounts of everyone involved in account sharing in your family must be on the same shared family e-mail.


An IP address change for one of our proxy servers caused a lot of clan battle credit issues and false positive embargoes today, but we have fixed the issue.


Embargo has been enhanced to now prevent the alts of the players or clans you have ignored from being able to purchase your auctions. This is a rather comprehensive alt detector, using more than e-mail info. This only works to prevent embargo auction purchases; it does not work for the actual ignoring of alt's messages or even the prevention of you buying from the alts of those you have embargoed. This is to preserve the anonymity of alts, i.e. to prevent players from using this feature from being able to identify alts by manipulating their ignore list. Attempts to get around this new enhanced embargo will result in auction bans or even account bans if the behavior is repeated or obviously purposeful. Similarly, it is good to remind all that players are also not allowed to use alts to harass people in direct messages who are attempting to ignore them.

Officers of clans will now be able to promote and demote members regardless of whether they are online or not.

Players who switched to Firefox may have noticed a slight degradation in the quality in some of the scaled-down images such as the faces on your buddy list and in chat icons. In the new client version we have implemented our own image mipmapping algorithm to deal with this issue.


The most recent Chrome patch has horrendous performance for some users. We are recommending players use Mozilla Firefox for maximum performance.


In the Interest of Transparency: The Nodiatis Tabloids (skip if you "don't like drama" though you probably love it if you've ever said that)
Some players said some mean things indirectly about someone in civil. The person reported it, and the people were warned to keep anything that could be construed as an insult in uncivil chat. The victim, however, wanted vengeance and insulted the players back in civil so he could get a screenshot worthy of getting them civil banned. He was warned to keep anything that could be construed as an insult in uncivil. He continued to instigate last night and was muted for an hour. Up until this point, everyone had been smart enough not to take the bait. Enter Excellence. He indirectly called the person an unstable snowflake, then proceeded to agree with the comparison of the person to the Suicidoll creature. In modern times, this would be enough to get someone blacklisted on social media. He was muted for an hour. He wrote in an e-mail "sorry, over what? i dont particularly care since its 1 hr mute but seriously lol" to which we responded "If you want to call someone a snowflake, directly or indirectly, the correct channel to do that in is uncivil. If you can follow this simple rule, you'll be fine. If you cannot, the choice will be made for you by only allowing chat in the uncivil channel." to which he responded "i haven't called anyone a snowflake directly, nor i have name-dropped anyone lol, but sure, you do you." Now, anyone with half a brain can understand that if you are specifically told not to do A or B, that "well I didn't do A" is not a logical defense. Since he didn't "particularly care" about a 1 hour muted, we proceeded to "do us" and muted him permanently from civil. We're not sure how anyone could interpret this as an imbalanced doling of justice, though that will likely be the tale from his buddies.
Drama Update
An independent investigation has been conducted, the results of which concluded that Glitchless and the Epicbeast are hypocrits who have recently been guilty of using insults in civil chat. The punishment of a 1 hour squelch has been meted out with great prejudice. We understand a lot of you may think this punishment is unjust because you "have seen worse things" in civil, or that "the Epicbeast is a helpful person," etc. Please understand that this is no excuse for rule breaking, and they must now suffer in silence.
Sage couldn't stay quiet and has now been civil banned too for being purposefully offensive in civil.


We are testing 24/7 Auction Persistence. Info can be found in the Most Wanted list in the FAQ below.


The new client will pop a warning window if you try to buy something off the auction house that is 2x it's average auction price. It will also warn you if you try to list 3x above or below half the average price. You can disable these warnings temporarily with the /disable command. Happy shopping!

The server patch caused clans to be wiped for an unknown reason. We had to roll back to our backups which store accounts every 5-10 minutes of logged activity. If you have lost anything significant due to this, you can contact help@nodiatis.com and we can check the logs.

We are implementing an automatic complete backup prior to any unscheduled server reload so in the future if we have a problem like this we will not have to resort to a delayed backup. This will cause patches to be a minute or two slower.

The cause of the earlier problem has been identified, which was not wiping clans but simply preventing them from being loaded. We will complete the patch tonight and test the implementation of the full auto backup between patches.


The Random Team Arena Season recently began. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 06:00 server time on Saturday, April the 15th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, April the 22nd at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


The Virtue Pack is on sale for the holidays, costing 5 less TCs than normal! With all 30 virtues you will receive double ALL experience gains and double arena tokens. Get your Virtue Pack while the getting is good. Note that you must have standard or premium time in order to see the Virtue Pack purchase option.


Today is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. The next season will be Random Team 3v3 format and will begin Sunday.


The Prowler class is being buffed similar to the suggestion below but with more whip max damage. The new description:
Never seen during the day and nearly invisible in the dark, Prowlers are a majestic and mysterious breed. Some say they worship the cats of the night...others say they have become them. And as the skystar descends, all fear their presence amidst the besetting shadows. Prowlers have a 4% (up to 12% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to damage mitigation penetration and pet max damage, a 10% (up to 30%) bonus to pet max healing, a 8.333% (up to 25%) bonus to whip max damage, and a 7% (up to 21%) extra chance to hit with melee, ranged, and pet attacks. Prowlers also take 16.667% (up to 50%) less disease and plague shock damage and their successful attacks cause a flat 75% listless aura on their target. This is a Legendary class which can only be chosen as primary and when rerolling from level 90.
If any current Prowler doesn't like these changes (you should) they can contact us to use the old version that had higher disease damage reduction, however, it will require a reroll if they want to opt back out of that.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize team winners Excellence, Tsutsu, and Freaky. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

We are considering a change to the Legendary Prowler class of providing an extra 3% bonus to damage mitigation penetration, max pet damage and max whip damage in exchange for lowering their disease and plague shock damage reduction from 75% to 50%. If you are a Prowler and disagree with this potential change, please e-mail help@nodiatis.com with your feedback for consideration.


Starting after todayís tournament, for all seasons, not just the random team season which already works this way, if there are teams that share a player and thus canít face each other in the top 16 (18 for random), the lesser ranked of those teams will not be eligible to compete in the tournament. Their spot will be replaced by the next eligible team. This is due to a definite unfair advantage of being able to build your alt team specifically to counter and eliminate a targeted team that you donít want to face with your main team.


A very heavy item has been added to a very distant town. You may wish to offload the burden of moving the thing on to your companions.


Arena Rush is scheduled for this weekend, 06:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, December the 3rd and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, December the 10th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Remember that teams cannot be formed during rush, so do so now!


An attempt was made to test a difficult patch. The patch had to be aborted, but the servers should once again be back to normal. Update: The patch is live again and appears to be working properly. It was a cache optimization for the random access of offline player files that is crucial for future planned content patches. We also found and fixed a rare bug that could cause you to randomly disconnect from the server.


The new client has the Beast Notifications link re-added to the client which allows for more notification methods including browser-based notifications.


A 5 TC reward was given for the report that players probably shouldn't be able to use recall potions when they are making use of inaccessible inventory slots, similar to how they cannot leave town. This will be fixed in a future patch.


The ability for PKs to group up is coming back. The only caveat is that while in a group, PKs will not be eligible for their special 3x experience and trophy bonus. For more info see "What is a PK?" in the FAQ.


An issue where an open confirmation window was preventing the clicking of bot checks has been fixed.


A bug preventing Abnegation from properly reducing Vamp/Tact/Jester CAs was reported and has now been fixed.


The dates for the upcoming end of season were off by 1. They have been corrected in the previous announcements. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, December the 3rd and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, December the 10th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


An issue where one of our proxy servers was occasionally failing to attach the proper HTML header has been discovered. The result of this was some bad IP data which was causing erroneous conflicts in clan battles, preventing the accumulation of rewards due to IP restrictions. This is believed to have been fixed completely.

Room for improvement has been found in arena matchmaking. The 3v3 premade season will naturally have 1/3rd (or less) teams than a comparable 1v1 season, however, we have been using the same algorithm to do matchmaking which attempts to prevent facing the same team too many times in a 20 fight history. The result is significantly slower matches in 3v3 premade than both other seasons. We have made adjustments to the algorithm to take into account the 1/3rd reduction of teams in premade. The result should be faster queues in 3v3 premade than before, though they are still not likely to be as fast as 1v1.


A bug introduced yesterday affecting some mana/energy gems will be fixed.

The previous Exhaustion effect (not to be confused with actual exhaustion which prevents actions and occurs when you play for inhuman amounts of time) will now be known as Energy Depleting to simplify descriptions.


The wording on mana/energy theft immunity/mitigation effects was not accurate since these also were effective vs Mind Numbing and Exhausion gems, neither of which involve theft, only depletion. We are changing the wording on things like the Toad of Intransigence, Bear Hide, and Staff of Shielding to now say 'depletion' rather than 'theft.' To keep the wording accurate in all cases, the Defoliate line (a mana/energy depletion line, albiet of the constant variety) is being changed so that it is now affected by the aforementioned depletion immunities and mitigators. To counterbalance this negative, the Defoliate line is being buffed to be twice as fast, use half the cost, and do slightly more than half its original effect. It is also being made into a dex/cnc based gem. It will be unusable in this arena season, however.


A significant amount of people have shown interest, so we have gone live with adding Square as a secondary payment processor. They process credit cards and allow some new payment methods such as After Pay, Cash App, GPay, Apple Pay and more depending on your location. Payments are now being automatically processed so you should get your order in under 60 seconds. Let us know if you encounter any problems and we will correct the issue.

You will notice when making a Square purchase that you have to enter your character name. You may only buy upgrades for your own characters.


The Terms of Use (link at the bottom of the page) has been updated.


Arena rule 4 is now obsolete and has been updated to explain this. Players will be prevented from facing their own characters in arena based on their e-mail address rather than IP, and it is necessary to register an e-mail prior to participating in arena. Note all your accounts must have the same e-mail address or you are in violation of Nodiatis rule #2.


A long-standing issue has been fixed where Cuddlebugs were not preventing the Staff of the Masquerade proc. Staff of the Masquerade has had its description updated to remove some ambiguity.


A new 3v3 Premade Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. This should be exciting given a multitude of new balance changes. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, December the 3rd and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, December the 10th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


The Black Edge of Decay, The Polearm of Purity, and the Rune Flurry Greatsword all now give a bonus to damage mitigation penetration with all attacks.


The Jester's damage mitigation penetration bonus is increasing from 5% to 15% and their innate listless aura is increasing to 75% strength.

A Legendary force is gathering...eruption is likely next weekend.

Saturday is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. The next season will be Premade 3v3 format and will begin Sunday.

There will be more potential balance changes prior to the start of next arena season.

Parting with Incantation Rune will no longer stun you during looting.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Quazeliobilaebyn. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

There will now be a 10 second stun (20 seconds if during arena countdown) for parting with an incantation rune during combat. Items that only have a powerful affect at the start of fight should come with a penalty when unequiping.

Anglic Aura will now reduce the user's DD and DoT damage by 50%. Note this also applies to procs like the instant DoT caused by Staff of the Masquerade.

The new legendary shovel has been altered greatly since initial release. It now works versus things like Samurai gear as well as other DoT procing weapons.


We are currently testing an alternative method of payment for people who cannot use PayPal or want a way to pay with installments. You can access the janky Square storefront at https://nodiatis.square.site/ to make purchases using credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. Note that these purchases are processed manually, so you may experience a delay in acquiring the items. If we have any significant interest we will implement direct links for purchasing via the game and automatic order processing.


The Solo Arena Rush week is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, July the 23th. It will last until the tournament, which will take place on Saturday, July the 30th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. All can spectate the tourney. Cheer for the most handsome knight!


The Social skills category now also gain minor experience from actually being social. Chatting in civil/uncivil will give a small amount of experience, and triple when responding to new players. There is also a tops list addition for the players who have achieved the most from this method. Any attempts to game the system with spam or nonsense will be punished.


The new client will automatically choose the best proxy server by default. You can override it if you like, but only after the first minute or two after connecting while it calculates an accurate ping for each proxy server.

A third proxy server has been added.


New Host drama update: We had completed a deal with the new host and even paid for the first month. We were then contacted and told that they were going to transfer us to another section of their company (which was recently acquired) and we'd have to be moved to a different billing platform. New billing required a new contract and the new contract's terms, in spite of what was promised, were not the same as the original: 1/20th the bandwidth. That's not going to work. We're not sure if they are incompetent or scummy at this point, and either way it's not worth continuing negotiation.

Fortunately, the dual routing method we have been testing has been showing exceptional results, particularly in patching the problem most encountered on our current host: bouts of packet loss. We have not been able to fully implement it across all clients due to the fact that browsers cache DNS info, but we have a client coming out tonight that should hopefully fix that by connecting through new domain names. The new client v4.423 now fully implements dual routing and provides you with an option of two different proxy servers (under CONNECTION OPTIONS) by which to supplement your direct connection to the server. The new client also shows your average ping and your packet loss as opposed to your ping range.

Note that bot checks have been reenabled. If your images are loading slowly then you will want to close all your browser windows and reload your browser completely.


We are disabling image based bot checks and giving everyone the 1% bonus by default due to the problems some are having with the images loading. This will stop after the server is moved. Proxy Server 1 is likely to be the better option for most players.


We are now testing a new dual routing method of connection to the server. It has the potential to really improve connection reliability and combat packet loss even prior to us moving the server to a hopefully better location. Keep in mind we are still not nearly in an ideal setup because the finicky proxy server is hosting all our HTML and image data so you could have some major issues while loading the site or images. When we finalize the setup after the host swap that will not be the case.


Currently we are planning on moving our server to a new datacenter. This move will hopefully take place as soon as the 7th but we are waiting on scheduling confirmation. In the mean time we will be stress testing a proxy server setup that we believe could be extremely beneficial. We will be temporarily routing everyone through the proxy starting shortly, which is not an ideal setup since it adds some latency to your connections, however, if the test goes well we will be able to allow you the option of connecting directly to the server or alternatively through the proxy route, which could be a lifesaver for people who have a bad router in their main path.


We are experimenting with globally hosting all media files on a CDN to make images and sounds load faster.


We have eliminated (we believe) all cookie use on our site. This was primarily done as a means of streamlining communication between the client and server, since cookies were wasted bandwidth.


We have fixed a bug regarding the Equip Stuns that occur in PvP. They were not properly delaying melee, ranged, and pet attacks nor gem draws, but they should be now.


Arena queue will not prevent you from traveling into areas with 90+ level bosses regardless of if you have killed them.


The pilgrim chest warning now completely prevents you from leaving a chest and does not cause a popup message. This prevents accidents.


Pilgrims will no longer need to loot treasure chests if they do not want to. They will, of course, not get the bonus of looting the chests, however, but this may be preferable to some. Note, we have extra checks in place to prevent botting that did not exist back when the change to pilgrims was made out of necessity in the past. Bonus is lost if you skip chests, so you cannot exploit a combination of the two methods.


Clan rune vaults have been expanded to have 3x the space. You will need to update your client. Steam users will receive an email within the next 24 hours with a temporary password they will need to use to login. If you are a steam user without an e-mail associated with your account you will need to e-mail help@nodiatis.com for assistance.


The new client fixes (we believe) a long-standing and frustrating issue where you were unable to see some of the finishing hits and messages in combat.


The fight complete message will now show your average kill time for the past 25 fights.

Bot checks will now show a much larger image. These have been found to be easier for most to see. If you prefer the old size, there is a toggle under Interface Options.

Bot checks will not be so bright or as frequent as they recently have been.


The past 3 months of auction data has been parsed and used for historical auction average pricing. Consumable and Master plans now have their own pricing stored as well. The new client will display the average price info more clearly for trophies.


The new client will now display the average historical auction price of items. This average price will need to be built up over time beginning now. Do not attempt to manipulate the displayed average auction prices by transacting items for absurd prices, it will be obvious and punished.


A bug with the 4x shatter cooldown has been fixed.

Some LG weapons have had their descriptions clarified so there is no confusion about their effects or listless percentage.


The drawing of LG companions has been optimized and improved in appearance.

A bug causing a black flash or odd graphics while walking has been fixed.

Under Interface > Combat Options there is now a feature to have a battle timer.

Under Interface > Combat Options there is now a feature to have a fight completed message which will tell you the duration of the fight.

You can now right click the red flashing client version and disable the flashing if you don't want to update right away.


We have optimized the FPS drop that was occurring when zooming in to combat. We have also expanded the world map so there are no edges of the world when you go too far north or west.


You can now track epic tasks with the default keybind of T or bind it to your hotbar.


We are in the process of testing and rolling out the new DL client which runs on the unified codebase. This will give it the same new features as the browser client while allowing it to run using a smaller footprint (much less RAM). Note that if you are a user of the DL client prior to this update, you will need to redo your key bindings since the mappings are different.

If there are problems or features that you would like to see added to ensure the new DL client is as much like the old one as possible, please let us know. We currently know of some performance issues, such as when you are zooming into creature battle, and we are looking into potential fixes.

The browser and DL client will now remember the position of your main window if you moved it. If you want to reset it to default you can re-enable Auto Center under Window Options > Main Window Options.


The new client allows for floating, repositioning, and scaling your equipment and pouch window. Note it defaults to 50% scale, which you may want to increase depending on your layout.

A scalable windows can now be set to a custom scale if you are trying to get them to a very specific size. Typically you will get better visual clarity sticking to the preset values, however.

A bug was fixed where you could not click the 9 on the security check if your inventory was open.

A bug was fixed where you couldn't select your new chat color.

You can now hide the mouseovers of your combat battle gems so they don't block your auras.


We have fixed the bug that removed you from arena queue when leaving the arena stands.

We have fixed a bug that in a very rare case could reset your arena rating to 1. If you believe you were a victim of this bug you can email help@nodiatis.com to have your rating reinstated.


Previously, auctions would not display if purchasing the full stack would cause the seller to go above their gold cap. Now the auction-visible stack size will be reduced so that you can still sell any fractional amount of the stack that would keep you under the gold cap.


The browser/mobile clients now have some new features. "Why just the browser?" Because we are in the process of unifying the codebase of all clients and soon the DL client will run off the same code. More info on the reasoning behind this change can be found on the Annual Most Wanted page.

The chat window can be floated, resized, repositioned, and scaled to your liking. You can also scroll the chat by dragging your mouse or finger, making it far easier to scroll in mobile.

You can now add timestamps to chat. This feature is burried under Interace Options > Chat Interface Options > TimeStamps.

You can now move items to the trade window with a single click. Simply hold CTRL + either shift/alt/command and click the item to make use of this handy shortcut.

You can now move items between inventory and storage with a single click. Simply hold CTRL + either shift/alt/command and click the item. Both inventory and storage need to be open.

You can now purchase auctions items (full stack) with a single click. Simply hold CTRL + either shift/alt/command and click the auction item. You can repeat click on the same item if a person is selling many stacks of the same thing at the same price. Tricking someone into doing this will result in you getting a far worse punishment than you think is deserved.

You can turn on "instant scrolling" under interface options if you don't like the smooth scroll animation.

There was a little-known feature that allows you to reposition the entire interface if you hold CTRL+SHIFT and drag the screen with your mouse. This now only works if you drag the top stone border of the main window to prevent accidents while using the other new shortcuts.

The range attack delay reset associated with swapping arrows has been removed. This delay never really made sense since arrows are not involved in delay mechanics. Swapping arrows in PvP will still incur the same 1.5s stun as all other equipment. See the already-updated Combat Mechanics link in the FAQ for more details than you probably want to read regarding attack delays.


You can now peruse and purchase via the auction house while spectating in the arena stands.

Changing e-mail now requires admin approval to further prevent character sharing or trading.


We are increasing the tiers of all resources collected by noncap players. They will still depend on your resource skill and creature level, but it will be relative to your level, allowing for high tier collection even in mid-game. This should add resources to the market and help starting players at the same time. There will be no affect on these resources for anyone level 85 to 90, and the affect on level 80 to 84 will not be noticable. Only much lower level players will notice much of a difference over their previous tiers from this. Note, however, that unlike with silks, you will still be better off farming resources at level 90 than at lower levels.

The silk stuck to hand mechanic is changing slightly. You will no longer get silks while enchantrashing, however, the act of enchantrashing will also increase the tier of the silk you may potentially get when putting the item in your storage or inventory.


We are tweaking silk drop rates again, still with the goal of the majority of silks coming from noncap players. We intend to see t30 silk prices below 100k by the end of April. It's important that clans inform newer players that they play a critical role in collecting this resource, so they know that silks have value, their clanmates maybe should be given first dibs on buying them, and that they are not to be destroyed. A fair chunk of silks never exist long enough to become part of an LG.


A new 1v1 Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. This should be exciting given a multitude of new balance changes. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, July the 23rd and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, July the 30th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


Resourcers delight! There's now a possibility of finding silk from gardening, mining, woodcutting, foraging, dust collecting, and trapping.

A continued issue with gold chest placement had been found and fixed.


There was server downtime prior to the reset and a series of server crashes this morning after reset. A problem with CAs has been identified and fixed. If anyone has losses of over 500,000 gold due to the crashes, you can report it to help@nodiatis.com and we will verify and reimburse based on logs.


Currently in PvP, the option of being able to easily swap out gear is somewhat overpowered. The gap between seasoned pros with multiple suits and players who are trying to build their first LG suit is wider than desirable. In order to reduce that gap, we have made the following changes:
-While in PvP combat, every swap of an item in your equipment will result in a 1.5 second stun; pets will be a 1 second stun. Unlike normal stuns, these stuns will accumulate in duration and also prevent all types of regeneration for their duration. These stuns will max out at a total of 7.5 seconds, so a swap of an entire equipment set will result in a 7.5 second stun. Note that if you are already stunned for some other reason, these stuns will still not increase your total stun duration to more than 7.5 seconds, so if you are swapping from a staff suit to a nonstaff suit, which would normally stun you for 20 seconds, there will not be any additional stun duration from this new mechanic.

-While in PvP combat, swapping a pouch will result in a 5 second stun. Regen not affected. This adheres to the same 7.5 second max as the above.


The following balance changes are now active:
-Aura of Supreme Stoicism will have Daze immunity instead of Mez immunity.
-Aura of the Unflappable will cause a 4x increase in the shatter timer of the person who shattered it rather than having a 75% shatter resist.
-Abnegation will begin at 20% of its maximum effectiveness at the start of the fight.
-Abnegation will provide a flat 75% resist to all incapicatates (stun, mez, daze, blind) if the attacker has an active split attack aura. The incapacitate does not need to originate from a split attack. This replaces the 50% Smash, Intimidation, and Blinding Arrow chance reduction that used to occur from using split attack auras. This change further prevents split attack incapicitate abuse.
-Bonuses that rely on your autoattack type will now rely on your last executed attack type rather than current active attack type to prevent a cheesy tactic of swapping to range in between melee strikes for no penalty and a chance at vengeful procs and other ranged bonuses.
-Armored Companion, Venomback Lizard, and Weasel Cuddlebug now have their cooldown reduction effects scale with tier to make up for the extra difficulty in quickly swapping them out.
-Venomback Lizard does slightly more poison damage.

-Chance of blocking reduced by 33% while stunned or mesmerized.
-The Hammer of Unity will be changed to have a chance of causing a 99% listless to you when you block rather than always preventing all HP regen. This is to prevent a cheesy tactic of swapping to it prior to being hit with Flesheaters to avoid taking bonus damage.
-While in all combat, swapping rune sets within 10 seconds of each other will result in a 2 second stun (up from 1 seconds).
The following class balance changes are now active. We are giving listless to a lot of classes, but also giving the Regener class a PvP bonus for true diehards.
-Regener will have up to 50% bonus to HP regen in PvP, and the usual 24% in PvE

-Gatherer 50% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Larcener 50% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Werewolf 30% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Arcanist 40% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack plus 3% (up to 9%) mitigation pen.
-Werecougar 77.36% listless (up from 75%) on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-White Knight 60% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack plus 4% (up to 12%) mitigation pen.
-Berserker 30% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Jester 60% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack. Jester CA will be reduced in duration via the highest Abnegation skill of any involved in the fight.
-Trickshot 30% listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Prowler 75% listless (unchanged) on enemy on any type of successful attack plus 3% (up to 9)% mitigation pen.

-Adventurer 50% primary, 40% secondary class listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Tactician 60% primary, 50% secondary class listless (up from 40/30) on enemy on any type of successful attack. Tactician CA will be reduced in duration via the highest Abnegation skill of any enemy in the fight.
-Trader 50% primary, 40% secondary class listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Ranger 50% primary, 40% secondary class listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Druid 50% primary, 40% secondary class listless on enemy on any type of successful attack.
-Vampire CA will be reduced in duration via the highest Abnegation skill of any enemy in the fight.


We have been very busy the first two and a half months of the year. We are in the process of upgrading to a unified client codebase which will allow for much more efficient patching. The following improvements have been made to the browser client:
-The Inventory and Storage windows can now be scrolled smoothly by dragging your finger on them. If you want this enabled on PC you need to *uncheck* Disable Mouse Drag Scrolling. This should make for a much nicer experience especially on phones.

-The Inventory and Storage windows are now floatable, respositionable, resizable, and scalable. You can right click their icon, an item inside them, or go to the new Window Options section to first enable floating and test these interface organizing options. The Equipment and Pouch window will be floatable in a future patch.

-Note that floated windows will not have scroll buttons. You will need to scroll them with your mousewheel or by dragging your mouse/finger on them.

-Our Chrome code now uses a faster drawing implementation similar to how Firefox and other browsers work. In the past this has had the potential to cause text deformation as witnessed in the images of the 3/5/2022 announcement below. If you notice these, and you are at 100% browser scaling, please let us know.

-There is now an option to disable the new Mouse Drag Scrolling under Interface Options.

-There is now an option to prevent you from accidentally buying auctions from players you have ignored under Account Options.


LG Shields have been rebalanced with the following changes:
-Goldwinged Guardian Crest of Valor }I{ increased fading damage absorption shield from 240 to 400 and now is applied to all group members.
-Earthfusion Buckler of Repentance }I{ increased damage absorption shield from 145 to 200.
-Aliangel Crescent Shield }I{ increased loot bonus from 6% to 12%.
-Demonskull Shield }I{ increased pet haste bonus from 7% to 15%.
-Zirconethyst Shield }I{ increased melee and range haste bonus from 7% to 12%.
-Enchanted Bloodcrystal Shield }I{ increase block chance bonus from 9% to 10%.
-Elaborate Samurai Shield }I{ increased damage from 185 to 200.
Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Quazeliobilaebyn. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.


Players can no longer leave a town with items in inventory slots that they do not have the skill to use. This prevents some exploitative inventory use.

Wrath and all his other characters have been banned for the next Random Team arena season and the remainder of this one for throwing matches by trolling with low level gear.


This is a reminder that Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, March the 12th and will last 1 week. The actual $1,500 game credit tournament will take place on Saturday, March the 19th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


If you are experiencing ugly and potentially flickering text when you play Nodiatis on the browser, there is an easy fix. Example:

Text should look like this and not flicker:

To fix this, you need to ensure your browser Zoom when at Nodiatis.com is set to 100%. On most browsers this can be found in the top right menu:


Fixed a minor bug where the Daring gem was able to be drawn twice when it should not have been.


Fixed an issue with Anuran Supplication Aura which was making it immune to blind removal gems instead of stun removal gems like Quake.


Characters Senteza, Bubbles, Needle, Bitkojn, and Bolek (all same person) banned for botting. He was using the same or similar software to Terrick, facilitating attended automation and manual human verification check completion. Botting bans are permanent and the player can never return. Botting destroys games, and we have invested heavily in antibot measures that go beyond the human verification checks.

With a server patch tonight, silk drops will be modified again. Even a child can crush a blackwidow, and in a dramatic change that will be very beneficial to new players, the tier of silk drops will no longer be dependent on the level of creature you are fighting. This means a t30 silk could potentially drop on the docks, however unlikely. The overall silk drop rate is also being increased slightly, but if you are level 85 or over, only heroic mobs will drop silks at the maximum drop rate. Rapid farming low level zones should not become exploitable, either, because you will not get silk drops if you are killing creatures so fast that you cannot loot treasure chests.


An exploit was reported, fixed, and rewarded, that could allow someone to change their secondary class at the start of an arena battle.

Another player has been arena banned on all characters for the remainder of the season for failing to be present for too many arena matches, ruining the experience for others.


A bug was reported, identified, and fixed where pet attacks were not being delayed fully when swapping pets due to the swap mechanics not taking Stalking into account. Due to its complexity, importance, and the need for video evidence, those who helped find this bug have been rewarded TCs.

The combat mechanics archive link in the FAQ now has detailed info on how attacks are delayed due to equipment swaps. There is hidden complexity in how ranged delays work due to the way they interact with melee delays.


Players who do nothing in arena will be automatically reported to help us better determine if anyone is AFK for enough games (more than 10% would be way too much) to warrant an arena suspension. It is essential that you still report players who are AFK or aren't trying since some may just do an action or two to avoid auto reporting and still gain points.

Some runes have had their descriptions tweaked to be less ambiguous and include punctuation.


The previously used term "Solo Queue" arena has been replaced with the more accurate term "Random Team" arena. The term "solo" will still be used and will continue to mean that you are not part of a permanent team for that season.


Rumor has it, there's been a prehistoric companion available since December.


A player has been arena banned for the rest of the season for breaking arena rule #1. "You cannot complain about your opponent or teammate doing everything in their power to win or draw." See the FAQ below.

You will again be able to retain the auction status of an item that you use a companion to transport, provided you are transporting to another town.


Players will no longer see the "Primary action too fast." message. You are still limited by your primary action cooldown in the same way, and if you have gems set to autocast they may interfere with your primary actions if they are autocast just before you click a primary action, and that action will need to be clicked again.


This patch attempts to fix an issue some players are having with an occasional "Update request too fast." message.


More Clarity On Dec 31st Sharing Rule:
If you are logging on a character someone told you that you could "play until they came back" and you can't get in touch with them to confirm that they have changed their mind and are now 100% fine with you having the character forever, THE CHARACTER IS NOT YOURS. It is a shared character, and sharing will no longer be permitted past Dec 31st. YOU MUST ABANDON that character by Dec 31st. Take what is yours from it, and leave it, because you cannot keep playing it and give it back after the 31st, and they never gave it to you to keep forever. The new rule is not a license to steal characters.

If someone comes to us wanting access to a character you are playing past Dec 31st, and they are on the purchase history of the character and you are not, that will undoubtedly look like this type of theft. The result will be the banning of all your characters and either the returning of the character to the person with a purchase history on it or the banning of that character as well. However, if it's your email and you are on the purchase history, we will tell them sorry, they no longer have rights to password recovery.


There was server downtime prior to the reset and a series of server crashes this morning after reset. The problem has been identified and fixed. Much thanks to those who provided info on what they believed the crash to be triggered by, which allowed us to debug it faster on a test server without needing to be present when it reoccurred. If anyone has losses of over 500,000 gold due to the crashes, you can report it to help@nodiatis.com and we will verify and reimburse based on logs.


Final Siegecraft Update Until Playable

The giant patch that nobody seems to want, yet everybody wants right now is indeed taking forever to finish. Due to our own inability to properly forecast the completion time for Siegecraft, the knowledge of its development appears to be causing players more harm than good. What was meant to be a fun thing to look forward to has become instead a source of player frustration, with more claiming they just want regular patches.

In light of this, we will be returning to a near-normal patch schedule of x3.0 regular (non-Siegecraft) patches per year (see Annual Most Wanted to learn about the patch weighting system). The work we do on Siegecraft will essentially be supplemental, so when it arrives it can only be viewed as a positive. No further updates will be given on its progress until a playable version is ready, which is planned for Dec 2023. Siegecraft is now estimated at a x10.0 patch.
-The random late Siege chest bonuses have been removed.
-Siege resource credits will no longer be gained from opening gift boxes.
-Siege resource credits that people currently have can be redeemed early for random tier 30 resources using the /redeem X command, where X is a number between 1 and 10. You will use that many credits and get a random tier 30 resource stack of that size.

Since it is essentially akin to trading, players can no longer buy items sold to stores by other players unless the buyer has a standard or premium account, are level 85+, or are over 1 year old.

Players now get adventuring experience when reentering the same town if they have been in combat or resourcing for over 15 real minutes since leaving the town.

7 new skill have been added to the game. We have heard your requests, and these skill are primarily for PvE activities.

ZENITH - This skill increases the power of class ability effects by up to 30%, or increases their duration by up to 10%, or reduces their cooldown by up to 10%. This Legendary skill requires 100x normal experience to level, is not affected by PK or boon bonuses, and requires a great amount of luck for each skill up. Retained through reroll and permanent death.
All class abilities are buffed by Zenith. The ones that might need explanation as to whether power/duration/cooldown was buffed are: Trapper (also power on damage component), Weaponmaster, Berserker effects are duration increases. Jeweler and Arcanist CA is a cooldown duration reduction. Werecougar is a power increase to max potential extra bleed. Whiteknight is a power increase to revive health. Trickshot burn is a power modifier but the debuff is a duration increase.

SANGUINE CONCESSION - When over 75% health, all your melee and ranged attacks will cause both you and your target up to an additional 10% of the damage dealt as a bleed over 15 seconds. Amount doubled for staff attacks. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

BINDING RESOLUTION - When your health is below 25%, your pets will heal you with a random bonus of 0% to up to 40% more than usual. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

AUGMENTATION - This skill provides up to a 15% chance to turn any stack of tier 29 resources found into a stack of tier 30 of equal size. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

ADVERTENCE - This skill provides a small chance while resourcing to find a gold nugget. This is far more likely to occur when finding high tier resources. This Legendary skill requires 100x normal experience to level, is not affected by PK or boon bonuses, and requires a great amount of luck for each skill up. Retained through reroll and permanent death.

WEARY TRAVELER - This skill increases the amount you can carry without becoming encumbered by up to 200 rock. Not increased by Endure. This epic skill requires 100x normal experience to level and is not affected by PK or boon bonuses.

WANDERINGS - Accustomed to checking the beds at inns for stains and bugs, this skill will give you a tiny chance to find a tier 30 resource when town walking.


Characters level 85+ or 1 year old will now need to have a registered e-mail to perform basic actions. Character sharing is not permitted on characters of any level, however. In the future characters will not be able to change their e-mail without contacting an admin and going through a process which will involve scrutiny to ensure the account is not changing hands. Rule #1 and #2 of the FAQ have been updated to reflect the Dec 31st rule changes.

If someone other than you is currently accessing any of your accounts in your absence, you will need to change your password immediately. You will not be able to access any account that someone else has been playing past Dec 31st 2021 without violating the character sharing rule. An e-mail is being dispatched to alert players to these upcoming changes. Anyone attempting to continue playing characters that they are "sitting" past Dec 31st will lose all characters and be permanently banned.

Heavy tearfall has caused great flooding in all the lands. The impact has been felt mainly by the spiders of Nodiatis, and hordes of them have been witnessed climbing into the gaping mouth of the active volcano.


In the past we have turned a blind eye to character sharing because it was a difficult policy to enforce. Beginning Dec 31st, our policy will be changing. All your characters must be assigned to the same e-mail and no one else may access the character or know the password. The only exception allowed will be family members playing from the same house. It has become an industry standard to disallow character sharing, and that is likely due to it only causing problems while having no real benefit aside from aggravating those who do not partake in character whoredom. Our methods for detecting such activity have improved as well, so that is now less of an impediment. If someone knows your password, change it now. "He just logged it to see if I had any house spider silk," will not be an acceptable excuse when it happens, and the banhammer will fall.


A new Random Team Partial Anon 3v3 Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, March the 12th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, March the 19th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


Tournament no-shows will now automatically be passed by the team behind them prior to the tournament. This will prevent the issue which occurred this season where a no-show remained at their current place. This will also cause no-shows to potentially lose 2 ranks during the tournament instead of 1.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Quazeliobilaebyn, Tsutsu, and Freaky. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Saturday is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. The next season will be Random Team Partial Anon 3v3 format and will begin Sunday.

A legendary force has stirred, likely requiring 7 days of incubation.


We have removed the combat text for Bloodlet, Cursed, Poison Bolt, Flashburn, and Plague Shock. These are all instant DoT variants, and they are no longer necessary to display due to their damage numbers being color coded and having an exclamation after them. Bloodlets in particular were becoming very spammy and overwriting too much other important battle text in arena matches.


This is a reminder that Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, Nov the 13th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, Nov the 20th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. All can spectate the tourney! The format for the 3v3 tournament is a best of 3 ladder climb as seen here. Your team must be online, grouped, and ready for roll call at the start of the tournament.

Arena prizes for the top 150 players can be found in the FAQ linked below.


Our 9/3/2020 antibot patch has proven to be successful in, at least, forcing anyone attempting to automate actions to be at their computer and ready to answer the human verification checks. This prevents the most abusive form of botting which is AFK botting. However, our antibotting endeavors did not stop there. We are also able to detect a wide array of attended bots. Approximately 1 week ago, we were able to confirm the use of attended botting software by a once-prominent player. We specifically waited a while to see if perhaps he had the intention of sharing this software with others to catch more botters, but that did not bear fruit. For a little background, this person is a known talented coder, who is responsible for some rather complex implementations on a popular Nodiatis help site. Years ago he was suspected of botting by many, and reported to us, but our detection/prevention methods back then were clunky and involved admin messages and forcing PvP combat, which appeared to have scared the player into quitting for fear of being banned. Even with years of inactivity, he still holds 3 of the top 10 spots for most experience - well not anymore. He made the mistake of eventually returning to bot, just for a day, which has resulted in a lifetime ban. The main characters banned are Terrick, Iskrael, Kaeltrig, Dawnvoyager, Curiosity, Stitch, Deathheim, Bossmagnet, and Lilo.

We take fairplay extremely seriously in Nodiatis. We have seen botting destroy games and communities, and we have dedicated major time and resources toward ensuring that it does not happen to ours.


Free accounts that are not 1 year old or max level cannot receive TCs from other players unless they trade 1,500,000 gold in return. This restriction does not apply if you own both accounts, so you can still buy TCs on one account and give them to your others. We have an abundance of data that shows that players who have played for over a day are far more likely to quit after receiving free items that ruin their fun than those who have to slog their way to max level or buy TCs with their own money. If you want to help new players, you can teach them a few tricks and even group with them and kill a few hard bosses, but do not attempt to give them handouts since that ruins the experience.


A few spammy messages like bossbait have been made to skip the chat window and only scroll up the screen.


A minor change has been made to the bot checks to remove some difficult-to-see edge cases.


Swapping rune sets while in combat (and not looting) without waiting 10 seconds in between each swap will result in a 2 second stun. This is to prevent some potentially exploitable, cheeseball tactics like swapping between offensive and defensive sets in between attacks.


You can now remove your draw slot gem from play by right clicking it. Mobile players can also bind a hotbar slot for this action. This can be beneficial to anyone who wants to avoid the added step of moving it into play, or if you have 6 gems in play already that you don't wish to replace.

Players can now inspect others and place items for auction while dead.

A potential exploit allowing certain deaths to allow for the transport of trophies while overencumbered has been reported, rewarded, and fixed.


We have set some time aside from our Siegecraft work to complete some patches we feel were important to get out this year.

Players can now see the equipment changes made by others during combat. The newly equipped item names will float up in battle text, and full suit, pouch, and rune set swaps will be shown as well. This can give key insight into how players are functioning in arena without needing to constantly inspect them. It should shed some light on the intricacies involved in the highest levels of PvP. It will also make spectating the tournaments more entertaining.

Players can now see the runes of the player they are inspecting.

Battle text that is lengthy will have its font size reduced so it does not occlude other text.

The browser and mobile clients now have better support for transitioning between using touchscreens and a mouse. We have tested using bluetooth mice with smartphones and tablets and found it to be quite straightforward and easy. You can increase your Nodiatis gaming efficiency by simply adding a bluetooth mouse the same way you would add bluetooth earbuds. The only problem we found and were unable to resolve was that some versions of Android did not allow for mouse right clicks and have that button hard-coded to the back function. We did our testing with the Logitech Pebble M350, which worked well. We recommend only using name brands because any bluetooth or USB device you connect to your computer can potentially install a backdoor - even the things sold as USB data blockers which supposedly protect you. Report any issues you have to help@nodiatis.com

The latest in Nodiatis dwarven engineering technology, this 9-armed ballista from our future planned Siegecraft patch can hurl a barrel of oil over walls to douse and ignite enemy archers. However, even the greatest machines can become damaged from neglect when fired too rapidly without allowing time for proper maintenance...as demonstrated above. 2021 is shaping up to be another great year for Nodiatis, and we appreciate your patience with Siegecraft's development. Remember, all Nodiatis purchases go toward the feeding of our stout, bearded engineers, so buy TCs in bulk!


Human verification checks have been modified to be a bit easier to see for humans.

A problem with Berserker random striking allies has been fixed so their targeting is better randomized.


Golden Showers have returned. Be the first to shower your friends. Shared Bliss now only refers to the skill. The references in the DL client will be changed in a future patch.


Rupture damage is now color coded based on the type of DoT. Battletext sorting, when enabled (recommended), has had some minor bug fixes. Battletext Bloom, when enabled (recommended), will be minimal and work better with Battletext Sorting to prevent collisions of the ally numbers with the foe numbers when there is spam.


Instant DoT damage will now have an exclamation point after the damage amount so you can tell the difference between bleeding and bloodlets, burning and flashburn, etc.

The web client will be titled with the name of your character when you log in so it will be easier to keep track of characters on multiple tabs.


Failing antibot checks will now tell you if you are failing too many or are doing good enough not to worry.


A new 3v3 Premade Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, Nov the 13th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, Nov the 20th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


The 3x experience and trophy bonus for PKing now needs to be replenished with a viable kill daily. PKs can no longer form or join groups, even with other PKs. (Note, this change has been revoked, PKs can once again group.)


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Quazeliobilaebyn. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Saturday is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. The next season will be 3v3 premade format and will begin Sunday.


The Quiver of Cleansing tier 1 is being buffed to cure 700 DoT damage per ranged shot and also include a 5% vampirism with all attacks.

Demontooth Arrow will start at 89 damage bleed.

Heaven and Hell Arrow will start at 10% vamp for ranged, half for other attacks.

Ranger's Revenge Arrow will now give more hit chance for ranged, starting at 10% for ranged, and half that for other attacks.

Tinged Tip Arrow will now apply a listless aura to target starting at 50%

Cursed Ruby Arrow will start at 30% draw slow aura.

Arrow of Oceans base damaged increased slightly.

Slumberskull Bow now starts at 25% slow aura. This item is underestimated.

Staff of Guiding Light will now start at 15% cure bonus.

Hammer of Unity will now start at at 10% block chance bonus.

Runed Flurry Greatsword will now start at 10% chance bonus to double and multiattacks.

Blighted Bludgeon will now put a larger listless aura on your target than you, starting at 80%.

Tactician class will now have their successful attacks cause a 40% listless (30% if 2nd class) aura on their target.


A new phrase "excessive HP regen bonus" is being used to replace previously vague HP regen threshold descriptors. Excessive HP regen bonus is caused by having modifiers that increase your combat HP regen bonus by over 50%. This measure of excessive HP regen is not affected by the Reg stat, nor the skills Combat Recovery, or Battle Mending - this is not a change. Now, however, it is also not affected by regen counters such as healing debuffs, Reapers Aura, and Listless. The effect of this is that Listless and other debuffs will not decrease the effectiveness of Flesheater pets, nor will Listless and other debuffs potentially make a target viable for Stave of Shielding procs that already had excessive HP regen bonus. When facing Flesheaters, Regeners may be forced to be more proactive in reducing their active HP regen bonus multipliers themselves.

Note that things such as Focused Defense Aura that remove HP regen without a debuff are still capable of preventing you from being classified as having excessive HP regen.

Note also that the Listless Aura only works vs. targets with excessive HP regen bonus. This has always been the case, and will be added to the mouseover description.

The damage bonus curve for Flesheaters will remain roughly the same but will start at "excessive HP regen bonus" as opposed to previously which was extremely excessive HP regen. This is a minor buff that will help vs targets with HP regen bonus amounts in the 50% to 150% bonus area.


The Werecougar and Prowler now have an added passive ability that causes a 75% listless aura on their target on all successful attacks. Werecougar's CA now has a maximum damage potential of 12k instead of 10k.


There is now an interface toggle in the web client for the spectator eye if you don't want to know if you are being spectated.


The 1v1 Arena Season Rush has begun and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, July the 3rd at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.


The Timeworn Boots skill has been changed to have no RNG. Players will now get a gift box every 25 TCs instead of two every 50 TCs, and the Timeworn Boots skill reads "Normally you get a gift box every 25 TCs purchased. This skill will reduce that number to a gift box every 12 TCs purchased at skill level 100."


Epicbeasts will now drop a random amount of gold.


A bug with woodcutting where your axe could start flying again prior to being fully reset in its position has been fixed.

An exploit was reported (TCs awarded) and fixed that allowed you to use tracking while in the arena stands. Note, you can still use tracking when actually fighting in the arena, as this is considered an arena participation perk, but tracking should not be possible from the stands.

Attacking beasts will no longer make you lose your PK immunity.


Although faster for players who are not in top end gear, statistics collected have shown that pilgrimages have been slightly slower for some since the treasure chest changes. To correct this we are increasing the bonus from Pilgrimage potions and the Pilgrim Chest Experience bonus will remain at 20% max even after Siegecraft is released. The 4/22 announcement has been updated to state this and reduce confusion. Also, treasure chests will now be easier to spot and will always spawn above the exit button. Forage plants will also be easier to see.


An issue with logoffs has also been fixed. Previously the game allowed you to log off immediately after combat, yet you wouldn't truly log off until 1 minute after combat (amount reduced by acceleration upgrades). Now you can't log off until that minute has expired, so you are gauranteed to be off when the countdown finishes. This is important for safety vs. PKs.


An issue with deathmatch potentially allowing players to transfer Epics without virtues has been fixed.


Player Tiv has been squelched and arena banned for this and the next season for harassing a player about the gear they were wearing in arena. See arena rule #1 in the FAQ.

A minor issue has been fixed where having a resourcefulness skill of 0 would reduce the tier of the collected resource by 1, which could caused confusion about which tier bonuses were triggering.


A minor exploit that allowed you to keep passively training a skill beyond your level after a PK death, and use early level quest XP, has been fixed. The reporter got 5 TCs. The exploiter got his Weight of Wisdom reset to 0 and wasted 5 million gold.


Siegecraft Update

We received hundreds of e-mails, possibly from the same person, complaining that turtles were slow, cowardly creatures that had no place being portrayed as valiant wall destroyers. We have concocted a new device, which we believe will be capable of crushing all the variants of wall materials available in Siegecraft. Behold.

Slow Going, but Multitasking
In its infancy, Siegecraft was intended to be played inside the Nodiatis window and consist of little more than a few unit types that engaged in automatic simulated combat. When it expanded to player controlled units and a massive real-time field of combat, a separate web client needed to be created. The client has been the source of the majority of our slowdown, requiring more complex implementations than existed in the current Nodiatis web client such as worker processes for multithreading. Multithreading was necessary to prevent the ground detail texture from causing hitching, since its generation can take up to a full second on slow devices. As we develop the Siegecraft client, however, we are updating the Nodiatis client in tandem. Version v4.319 of the web client introduced multithreading, which allows us to process packets in the background which reduces ping times on devices with lower framerates, but even if you are running at 120fps it could have shaved a few ms off your pings. This latest client v4.324 implements some glow effects, first used in the Siegecraft engine but have been added to LG companion graphics now as well. We also optimized our oscillator function to no longer rely on the wasteful sine operation.

We will continue to update you on our progress every month or two with new units and techno babble.


We have added an all time highest Bounty tops list. This list will only update when a PK actually adds to their existing bounty, so it will likely be blank for a while. If a PK dies to a setup, they will be removed from this list.


There was discussion yesterday in civil about the potential for it to be nearly impossible to catch PKs due to companion-enhanced movement speed. Ideas were tossed around in order to fix this, but the original worry has been found to not actually be the case. The original worry was that PKs were able to move so quickly after escaping that they were not clickable, and since escapes have no chance of encountering a creature, their getaway would be assured. Movement after an escape action requires the full 1.5s cooldown, however; it is not reduced by mounted. This is enough time for someone lying in wait (not the chaser who caused the escape) to trap a PK. A PK with a maxed mounted companion can otherwise move squares in less than half a second, making them nearly impossible to click unless they encounter a creature. Some paragraphs have been added to the World PvP thread which can be found by clicking FAQ and searching for 'PK' which goes into detail explaining how it is difficult, but still very possible, to trap even the best PKer by using coordinated efforts.


The new web client v4.319 has framerate and network optimizations and fixes a bug where clicking the close inventory X when inspecting and spectating someone would stop spectating them as well.


The Pilgrim Chest Experience Bonus has been buffed slightly again and will now build up to a maximum of 20% (and will not change when Siegecraft is released) and will build at approximately the same rate as before. The reason for this is to ensure pilgrimages did not actually get slower for anyone by any significant margin even after Siegecraft is released. For the vast majority of pilgrims, ie people who are not 4-shotting max experience bosses, your pilgrimages have become faster but require more of your attention.


The Pilgrim Chest Experience Bonus has been buffed slightly and will now build up to a maximum of 12% (+6% temporary bonus to be 18% prior to Siegecraft) but it will build more slowly.

A problem with the DL client showing treasure chests immediately instead of them fading into existence has been reported, rewarded with 40 TCs, and fixed. Players on older clients will no longer be able to open treasure chests, so you can't use older clients to exploit this old bug.

Treasure chests on both clients will now fade into existence slightly faster, and opening them will now occur on the secondary cooldown, which will make them less of a nuisance by not slowing your combat exit via the global cooldown.


Pilgrimages have become both harder and easier: Pilgrims now need to loot chests containing tiny amounts of gold in order to exit looting. In return for taking this action, they will build up an experience bonus of up to 10%, which will decay by half at reset.

The Pilgrimage chest experience bonus will grow 50% faster and with a max of 15% instead of 10% until Siegecraft is released. This is similar to the TC and nugget bonus and after Siegecraft is released this extra bonus will be removed, however, clans will be able to--with great difficulty--build and protect shrines to reproduce similar bonuses via Siegecraft.

The thresholds for getting bonus tiers during the dust collection game for completing the game in fewer turns has been increased to make it more appealing to attempt to acquire the bonus.

The Helkok Instigator description has been fixed to specify that the whip does indeed increase pet max healing in addition to pet max damage.


The bonus rating gains during arena rush week are being reduced from 30% to 20%. Now that we have a tournament at the end of every season, it is less important to have rapid ratings changings at the end of the season to determine who is truly best, since the tournament exists to do that. More importantly, this should help discourage and reduce the efficacy of showing up at the very end of the season to rapidly climb rankings and displace others who have fought long and hard for their positions.


There is a typo in the description of Incidental Redirection r1. It states 21% but should state 18%. The r2 of this gem is 21%. This will be fixed in an upcoming reset.


Siegecraft Update

Yes, that is a turtle battle ram, come to push your...walls in.

What's in development for Siegecraft?
We didn't get the sense that the previous screenshots from the upcoming Nodiatis addition, Siegecraft, were as well received as we'd hoped. For that reason we have put a lot of effort into the aforementioned texture detail mapping which will add more substance to the blown-up Nodiatis world map backdrop. Here is an example of how the background of Siegecraft looked in our original method in a southern Lavalands location.

The detail texture method works by assigning certain smaller square textures to each of the Siegecraft backdrop squares based on their color. This is what the technique looks like in its most basic form.

More advanced techniques involve adding randomness to the detail textures' application in order to reduce the ugly tile repetition, but they all have their pitfalls and caveats. The industry standard appears to be the use of random detail texture rotation, but our tests did not work well for all textures. Wavy water, for example, is not compatible with this method, since the waves which should share a common direction end up going in all directions as if the ocean were a giant mess. Another method used is UV shifting, which worked, but there was still a low contrast halo surrounding every square due to the need to blend each adjacent square. We solved this problem by applying a custom sharpening filter to the detail textures with an intensity that scaled relative to the blend amount. The final result:

The caveat in this case is that this computation is very expensive to perform on the CPU in Javascript so players will see the reduced detail version while their screen is in motion and the high detail will replace it when they are not panning/zooming. Precomputation of the entire map is not viable, since it would require 2048000x1536000 24-bit pixels, which would be 8.789 terabytes of image data.

You will need to click to enlarge them to see the full detail, but the following images show a panoramic zoomed-in view of a before and after detail texturing of the western shoreline of the river east of the Ancient Oak:


What originally had no detail at all can now, when fully zoomed (click once to open each image in a new window, then you may need to click again to magnify to 100%), be seen as a transition from wavy water to rocky sand and finally to grass.

This is just one of many things we have been busy implementing over the past month and a half. We currently have no ETA on Siegecraft's completion, as it continues to grow more complicated, but you can rest assured that we continue to work on it with full effort. We will pause occasionally to implement other small creature comforts like clan ignore, high priority Nodiatis bug fixes, and necessities such as last month's new tournament format...which ended up being quite entertaining to watch from the stands.


Players can now ignore entire clans - especially useful for the purpose of trade embargo. Simply put an underscore before the name you ignore to signify that the name is that of a clan.


We have identified and fixed a problem that could cause a temporary disconnect between the client and server specifically occurring if a primary cooldown action was used just as an autocast gem was ready to be cast. We have also changed the way the server handles this specific type of connection problem so that a warning message will be displayed to make it easier to diagnose and fix.


Client 4.315 is an attempt to override the moronic browser changes that have made it impossible to play background sounds on a hidden tab that has not played sounds in a while (preventing arena gongs mainly) by perpetually playing a zero volume sound loop.


The new 1v1 Arena Season has begun. There will be a $1,500 game credit tournament at the end of the season, 4 months from now. Arena Rush is scheduled for 00:00 server time, the beginning of Saturday, June the 26th and will last 1 week. The actual tournament will take place on Saturday, July the 3rd at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it.

The X for ending spectating will now be in the more intuitive upper right corner, unless there is a window open such as inventory that would be in the same position. In that case, the X to end spectating is top middle.

Abnegation has been changed to work at max power at 4 minutes instead of 5 minutes to match the new max PvP combat duration.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winner Rath. To see the results of the fights that took place during the tournament, click Tops Lists below, go to Hall of Fame section, and click the Tournament link for the appropriate season.

Saturday is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. The next season will be 1v1 format and will begin next Sunday.

Maximum PvP fight duration has been decreased from 5 minutes to 4 minutes. The gradual PvP damage bonus has been increased to compensate. The bonus dealt at 4 mins will be slightly higher than the previous damage bonus at 5 mins to reduce the chance of a draw.

The Berserker now has a 75% chance to be pissed instead of dazed or blinded, including self-sourced dazes and blinds.

An issue that could cause a CA to be sometimes cast just after death has been fixed.

Future Random Team Partial Anon seasons will have the anonymous factor removed at a rating of 1500 rather than 2500.

Future Random Team Partial Anon seasons will not prevent players who have the same e-mail address from facing each other in arena if they are queued at the same time. Only characters currently on the same IP (i.e. actually being controlled by one person) will be prevented from facing each other. This is due to the exploitative nature of being able to selectively prevent going against a friend by purposefully sharing e-mails, in an attempt to boost pre-tournament rating by avoiding hard fights.


The new Random Team Partial Anon 3v3 tournament is tomorrow, Saturday, Feb the 27th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. All can spectate the tourney! You must be online and ready for roll call at the start of the tournament to participate. The format of the Random Team tournament is 10 sets of 3 random matchups among the currently online top 18 players. These matches will have very high rating rewards that will determine each players' final position.

Arena prizes for the top 150 players can be found in the FAQ linked below.


Spamdough, an anonymous sub 2500 rated player, has been banned from arena for the remainder of this season after being reported nearly every day and records confirmed that he regularly stopped playing toward the end of fights, angering both friends and foes. Arena rule #1 in the FAQ is that you may not lose on purpose. Players who feel like a match is a lost cause are free to switch to a glass cannon DPS suit or some such and blast away, but to stop actively playing (on a regular basis, as opposed to the occasional urgent diarrhea) is an insult to your teammates who don't know if you are purposefully throwing or merely have sand in your nether cracks.


A minor issue specific to Random Team season matchmaking was uncovered that could increase or decrease your chance of being selected for queues by 2-3% based on the time of day you logged on. We have switched to a statistically pure matchmaking method with this patch where your global index will have no effect.

The following is a clarification of how matchmaking has always worked and continues to work this season. These are not changes: It should be noted that you are not available to be selected for matchmaking while you are actively in your first PvE fight since queuing or if you are resourcing. For this reason, characters who have extremly long PvE fights or spend a large amount of time resourcing will likely get less arena matches per hour than someone doing nothing. If you wanted to farm and resource while still absolutely maximizing your chance of being pulled into arena at every opportunity, you could queue, fight and resource for approximately 3 minutes, and then avoid any lengthy resourcing tasks until your next queue.


Siegecraft Progress Update

Doordashing nearly every meal to maximize screen time, we are still working on Siegecraft, the upcoming Nodiatis clan warfare mini-game, at full steam. We hit some minor snags this month and needed to redo a lot of vegetation graphics, but the primary objective remains to complete Siegecraft in the way we envisioned. Here is a peek at an early screenshot of the barren, sandbox environment where your wisp is harvesting resources to be able to craft the most basic starting unit, a barrow. The interface at the bottom gives hints as to how you will control siege engines, by modifying rotation, elevation, and counterweight (or tension) in order to send projectiles on an arced path, either over or into enemy walls and buildings. Note, it may look goofy at the moment. It is impossible to capture the meaningfulness of strategic tabletop-style, real-time kingdom fabrication and warfare in a still image, but when you are slow-marching an army of ballistae and catapults toward the castle of someone you dislike and wish to crush - about to destroy the monuments they erected in order to get clan bonuses - then you will understand.


On Thursday, Jan 21st, 21:00 server time there will be up to a four hour window where our host will be performing network maintenance. Connection issues may occur during this time for some users.


Progress on Siegecraft continues without any major hiccups, however, due to some unexpected non-Siegecraft setbacks earlier in the year and simply underestimating the size of the project, the release of Siegecraft is delayed. Those familiar with the Annual Most Wanted page know that we aim to complete x4.0 weighted projects per year, not including the small stuff. The original x3.0 estimate for Siegecraft has proven to have been egregiously optimistic. What was projected to take our small team 39 weeks of 40 hours, or 1560 hours has already consumed 2300+ hours, as we ramped up and began averaging 9.3 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 20 weeks. We are now hoping for a release by the end of January.

Nodiatis has always differed from the mainstream games by purposefully not catering to the always impatient, zero-attention-span audience. As such, our goal is not to push out Siegecraft as soon as possible to meet a timeline, but rather to give it the time it deserves. A delayed project is always better than a crappy rushed one, and we hope that the majority of our players can appreciate our efforts and understand our objectives.

Starting with a patch prior to the next reset and continuing up until the release of Siegecraft, there will be a chance to find a Time Card, or better still, a Gold Nugget, inside treasure chests in addition to the original gold. The chance will be proportional to the gold inside the chest, so there will be no benefit to doing faster or slower fights.

2020 has been Nodiatis's most profitable year, and also most labored-upon year. We apologize that the fruits of those labors will not be seen until 2021, and thank you for supporting the game we all love and sometimes hate. Think about investing your stimulus in Demigod status, because Nodiatis is going to be here forever.


The problem with Testudo sometimes decaying more rapidly than it should since yesterday's patch has been found and fixed.


An issue that allowed inspection of anon arena members if you were able to guess their names has been fixed, and a small amount of TCs rewarded for the report.


The TC prizes for all arena placements other than first have been doubled. See the FAQ linked below for the reward structure. The 1st place $1,500, which has always been redeemed by winners as game credit, will now be specifically restricted to game credit redemption to ensure compliance with some states' murky internet prize law. Note that in solo 1st place seasons this can be used to purchase Demigod status.

The Berserker 5-15% (increased from 1-3%) gold chest bonus is now live. The next client updates will specify this, as well as the odds of accidentally striking a teammate (with one weapon, not both) as 1 in 100.


In addition to the end-of-season 75% resistance to daze and blind effects, the Berserker class will be getting a 1-3% bonus to gold found in chests in the coming days.


An issue with clicks not registering properly during late state foraging has been fixed.


Unlike in other arena tournament formats, your rating at the start of the Random Team tournament will likely matter as opposed to just your placement. The most likely format for the Random Team tournament will be a series of rounds of random 3v3 fights among the top 18 players. These fights will have a much larger impact on rating than normal (and result in only rating gains, no losses), but your initial rating will still play a vital role in your final tournament placement.


At the end of this arena season, the Legendary Berserker class bonuses will be buffed to include an up to 75% resistance to daze and blind effects.


An issue with spectators missing some floating combat messages has been identified and fixed with a server patch.


Improvements have been made to the clients which may help reduce the chance of getting disconnected when playing from distant locations or unstable connections.


You can now spectate people in arena from the stands if they are above 2500 rating.


A bug involving the proper targeting of the Outbreak and Yellow Snow skills was introduced with changes to targeting on 10/17. The bug has now been fixed.


We have completed our migration to new hardware in a new datacenter. Those having issues should reboot their computers to flush DNS records.


The new Random Team Partial Anon 3v3 arena season has begun! The tournament date for this arena season is Saturday, Feb the 27th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Rush will begin 00:00 server time on Saturday, Feb the 20th.

Note that currently you are unable to spectate fights from the stands to preserve anonymity.


Saturday is your last day to safely spend arena tokens before they reset to zero. New Random Team 3v3 season starts Sunday.


We have implemented an optimization for database IO which should prevent an issue with 60ms lag spikes that could occur from approximate 1 in 1,000 requests.

A crafting exploit that allowed you to produce unsoulbound items with DA on but not normal accel on has been fixed. 40 TCs rewarded to the reporter.


We have completed our conversion of the entire server stack to 64-bit. This was tested on a second test server, however, please let us know immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Creature berserk and enrage messages will once again show in the chat window as well as in battle text.


Congrats to the $1,500 game credit tournament prize winners Tsutsu, Excellence, and Algamis. Information about the next arena season will come shortly.

Fixed an issue with certain gems that had multiple effects that targeted both friendlies and enemies that was causing resists to be calculated against an incorrect target.

The White Knight class ability has been buffed to provide 10% of max HP when reviving all targets.

The Daring gem has been modified so that it will not be drawn from your pouch if it is already in play.


The tournament date for this 3v3 premade arena season is Saturday, Oct the 17th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Rush will begin this Friday at midnight server time.


A bug that allowed players to be able to attack too soon after affected by the Jester CA has been found and fixed.


The latest client version forces security checks to show over all text so they are not obscured by floating messages.


Holding shift unlocks a 100+51 TC option for PayPal on the TC page option. That's 1 extra TC for being a high roller. Also, accounts are being credited an extra premium or standard day of access, depending on what they currently have active due to the double server reload from 3 days ago.


An issue with the test server that runs parallel to the main server caused people to receive double rested time from this morning's reset. The issue has been fixed.


A minor bug for the Coagulate and Daring gems was causing the Paladin class bonus to increase the effect of the gems' listless component. This has been fixed.


A bug allowing extra arena queues to be fought by reforming teams has been reported, rewarded, and fixed. Anyone who used this bug will be unable to queue for the exact amount of days necessary to refill their queues to the intended positive state.


Players will now get a 1% bonus to exp gains when they answer 3 security questions correctly in a row. There's no stacking, 1% is the max.

A minor bug with the daily reboot appearing to occur twice has been fixed.


The antibot check images now use a different format which should make them load faster for people with slow connections. This change makes it necessary for players to upgrade their client to at least X.299 in order to see the new checks.

A bug preventing clicking dropdown menus sometimes when on mobile has been fixed.


Our antibot, human verification system is now live. Every few hours when you attempt to move, enter combat, start crafting, or enter queue, you will need to answer a simple counting test first. If you fail, you will get these tests more frequently. If you fail many in a row, you will be banned. Barring some verifiable client malfunction - that means a bug we find and fix - there are no valid excuses for failing a high percentage or many of these in a row.


Disruptive network maintenance will be taking place starting at 23:00 server time 9/3/20 and will last 6 hours. Expect disconnects and don't do fights you cannot win while afk during this period.


Siegecraft Sneak Peek

Click to enlarge

What is Siegecraft?
Imagine the entire Nodiatis world map used as the backdrop for a massive, slow-motion, table top or real time strategy style game for clan warfare. The zones of Nodiatis consist of squares, and each of those squares will be subdivided into 100x100 more squares which will make up the gigantic Siegecraft playing field of nearly 200 million squares - one square per pixel of our most detailed world map rendering. Players will be able to navigate this map to collect new resources which are then used to build modular castles out of walls, gates, towers, and keeps. They'll be able to build siege engines both for offense and defense, and the amount of territory a clan can successfully keep protected behind its mighty walls will allow them to unlock more powerful runes.

The backdrop on the image is pixelated due to the immense amount of magnification needed when the Nodiatis map is subdivided to such an extent. We are looking into ways to automatically add detail by mapping colors to matching higher resolution tileable images, but that may detract from the recognizability of world map locations. The image below shows that the entire scene fits into the small green rectangle which is a section of the Glacier River.

Primarily PvE
This all sets the scene for massive PvP potential, however, Siegecraft will actually primarily be PvE in nature. For the majority of clans, the main foe will be raiding orcs and goblins, which will need to be fended off in order to maintain control of land. The more land you amass, the more resistance you will face. To actually attack an enemy clan will take a considerable amount of spending, time, planning, and leave you open to the potential for counterattack. But who can put a price on seeing your enemies driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women?

Clans that have amassed enough land and power will have the ability to construct monuments. These large, fragile structures will provide Nodiatis character bonuses for all clan members in a way similar to how equipped runes do now.

Siege units will not be fully animated. They will instead have separate images for their state, i.e. fired or ready to fire, damaged, etc. They will shuffle across the board in a manner similar to table top board game pieces, except rather than being turn-based, the action will be slow-motion real time. As you can see below, the pieces themselves are considerably detailed.

This particular catapult is from a design made by Leonardo Da Vinci, as are the scythed chariots seen in the main image.

Siegecraft will open in a separate window so that you can play your character and do Siegecraft activities simultaneously.

When is Siegecraft?
As our largest patch ever, Siegecraft is proving to be a more difficult beast than when it was originally planned. We still have 4 months of coding to complete this patch, and we hope to have it live by the end of December. That will include resource collection, castle building, siege engine construction, PvE warfare, and PvP warfare.


Botting, i.e. automation is strictly prohibited. In the ToU (link at the bottom) automation is defined as:
"Any actions sent to the game server while not responding to requests made by the game requiring human response. Such requests may be but are not limited to stopping what you are doing and intelligently responding to a moderator or passing a mathematic/counting test."
It is defined this way specifically so that players cannot use multiboxing or being distracted as an excuse when they fail such tests, by claiming they were merely issuing commands to a game window they could not see or were not paying attention to at the time. If you are doing _actions_ and not paying attention, you are at risk of being banned. Note, this is very different from starting a fight and minimizing the window while you autoattack. Just be sure to glance at chat in between starting new fights.

The player Redeye has been banned for botting. On more than one occasion he has failed to respond to dozens of admin inquiries while doing monotonous tasks like pilgrim fighting for hours on end. Every effort has been made to only ban accounts owned specifically by this user. All items on those characters are permanently lost and cannot be recovered regardless of who the 'real' owner was at the time. If you have been negatively impacted by this due to lost items or a messed up arena season, please remember that we have taken these actions out of necessity to preserve the integrity of the game. It is the fault of the cheating player, and theirs alone that this happened. He is permanently banned and may not return on any new characters. It would be very foolish to allow this player on any of your accounts going forward.

To prevent botting like this in the future, we will be implementing in the next week a new antibot security feature that will periodically require players to count the objects in an abstract image to prove they are human. We use this method in our older game Race War Kingdoms, which would be very easy to bot in otherwise. Due to recent upgrades made, this system has proven extremely effective in eliminating suspected botting activity, and we expect it will be even more effective in Nodiatis due to the more complex nature of the game.

A /copyignore command has been added to the v2.294 client which will be rolled out first on browser for testing.


An exploitable bug that caused regen to increase post revive HP too much has been reported (and rewarded) and fixed.

We are aware of an issue with the DL client that appears to be causing random disconnects, likely due to corrupted packets, and we are now testing a potential fix.


Opening gift boxes now gives you a Siegecraft resource credit that can be redeemed when Siegecraft goes live in December. Stock up, and reap the rewards of your patience.

A third, surprise LG beast has come, making this the most LG beasts spawned ever between arena seasons. Good luck.

A bug that could have occurred from being an early LG class creator could have caused some players to have their base stats total be off by +/- 2 points. A related bug with the new PK system allowed players to have an incorrect stat total after death. Both bugs have been fixed, and if you were affected, you receieved a free stat redistribution which corrects it.


A client optimization has been made that could help particularly in intense combat when there is a very large amount of battle text on screen.


An ugly fix requiring a wasted draw call has been put in place to workaround the issue with Chrome scaling and pixelation. v2.292 should function as you are used to. If you are using Chrome, please ensure your page zoom is set to 100%, or you may still see a quality degradation.


The Chrome bug was causing enough visual discomfort that we needed to disable automatic interface scaling. You can still use your browser's zoom functionality to scale the interface, but in PC desktop Chrome it will likely look a bit ugly and pixelated. We recommend using Firefox while this issue persists.


The latest version of Chrome has an apparent bug where it is forcing canvas rendering to occur without smoothing, causing the font and other features in the game to look very pixelated. All attempts to override this have been fruitless. We recommend using Firefox while this issue persists.


We are in the process of migrating DNS servers. Some users may have experience the site or client being unable to connect at all, and if this is the case, your best bet is to restart the PC or mobile device completely in order to force a DNS flush.


Gold Nuggets worth 10 million gold can now be found in gift boxes. This will hopefully get more of the circulating in the economy as an alternative method for gold storage.


In an effort to further remove uncertainty from arena, the seasons will now always alternate in the same fashion: Premade 3v3 -> Random Team 3v3 -> 1v1. There will be no skipping formats. The next season will be Random Team 3v3. Players with under 2500 rating will remain anonymous in Random Team 3v3 seasons.


An issue with trapping when on pilgrimage not giving proper tiers has been fixed.


Mongo winks will now show the tier transformation.

Upon logging in, you will now receive messages for the most recent announcement and any bonuses or penalties that exist for your current zone.

To cut down on clutter in chat, exact repeat messages will now be combined and appended with a numeric count of how many times they appeared.


In the past when season lengths could vary greatly, we liked to have the ending date be a mystery until a week or two prior. Now that we have a narrow window and a tournament at the end, there's more to gain than lose by prescheduling the date in advance. The tournament date for this 3v3 premade, 26th arena season is officially Saturday, Oct the 17th at 17:00 server time Click the time to convert to your local time so you don't miss it. Rush week will, as always, take place the 7 days leading up to the day of the tournament.

Also, due to the last tournament being such a success, we are increasing the 1st place reward for this and all future tournament to from $1,000 to $1,500 game credit! That is still in addition to the TCs and unique legendary item. See the updated faq below for the exact rewards.


The threshold for getting no bonus for losing to a team you were expected to beat has been greatly relaxed. This should be a rare message now.


The new 3v3 premade season has begun, and the Claw of the Wyvern Angel is now usable in the arena.

There is now a way to have your location coordinates always show rather than only when holding shift under interface options.


The limit on joining clans has been increased from 3 to 6 per month. The limit was interfering with legit clan action.


The gem lines Phlebotomize, Roots of Vengeance, Aura of Sloth, Aura of Lethargy, and Slow Gem Aura had components that were previously labeled "Dex/Cnc in PvE", which are now just "Dex/Cnc". This means the caster will use the higher of Dex of Cnc to prevent resists of the specific components of these gems in both PvP as well as PvE, allowing them to be usable by a wider range of builds. Devampiric and Reaper gems were not changed.

A Legendary Beast will be coming the first week of the new arena season. A second will come before its end.

A patch has been made to the Android app so that accidentally pressing the back button will not close your game.

Players will need to update their clients to the new X.285 version in order to see the proper combat icons.


Arena seasons and the tournament that follows are a very fun part of the competitive nature of Nodiatis, however, many have expressed their dislike of lengthy seasons. This last season lasted 5 months and 3 days, and in the past, some seasons have lasted as long as 6 months. In addition to the $1,000 game credit reward, we will now also be instituting a strict 4 month season length. That means that with this next season beginning on June 21st, the tournament should happen on or before October 21st. This next season's format will be 3v3 premade.


Holding shift will now show your current location so you can more easily communicate it to your ungrouped allies.

There is now a feature under Interface Options - Combat Options that will allow you to force hitpoints/mana/energy to always show on your meters.

From now on, having any stat below 50 will forcefully toggle off auto attack and auto shoot. This prevents a minor exploit which allowed players to continue to attack with sub 50 stats. Pets will still be able to attack, but gems will not be able to be used when any stat is below 50.

This new announcements page will be used to quickly update players with the most recent game news.


The secret Cleanse upgrade that comes from feats unknown has been modified to no longer prevent stuns that are your own doing, such as unequipping a staff.